Monday, January 17, 2011

Update on Project "Covered in Hope" and an amazing video..

Well, I just continue to be BLOWN AWAY by the response from friends, blog friends, and complete strangers that KEEP contacting me saying THEY WANT TO HELP!! They want to help cover those baby bottoms with CLOTH DIAPERS!! And, Oh, MY...some of YOU are so educated in this department..I've been sent SO much great info and endless links and washing instructions, etc, etc..... I'm just amazed!! I can really feel God working through this project to COVER THOSE BABIES IN HOPE!! Wow!! (below, pictured..a typical scene...a toddler baby with no diaper and no pants...)
*So, let me introduce you all to a friend that is ALSO collecting cloth diapers for the exact same reason!! Yes, Christie is one of my AGCI peeps and she had ALREADY started this campaign and was having great success with contacting companies when she saw on my blog that I WAS COLLECTING THEM TOO!! So, we've chatted and put our heads together and MAN...we're dangerous!! ha ha I've had no luck in donations through companies..and she doesn't have as many donations coming in through the blog together...we're a GREAT TEAM!! :) So, she has a "kit" going on you can purchase on her blog too!! So, she's at !! She's hoping to take this bigger at some point and make a non profit out of it...I told her I'd be her biggest cheerleader!! :) Cause, uh..well...mine is just going to stay as a "blog project"!! BUT....I soooooo can't wait to show yall the pictures of ALL the cloth diapers coming in....I'm going to "blog" about it every step of the way...SO FUN!!! I love when women get passionate about a subject...and all ya gotta do is tell a bunch of women that babies DON'T have diapers and well...they getta movin!!! :) LOL So, yes, we're going to DIAPER as many orphanages and babies as humanly possible!!!! AND, of course Ordinary Hero LOVES this and says to save THEM lots to donate when they travel in JULY!!! Ok, Kelly...I'll try and save ya some!! :)

**Also, my Little Wes's Agency put a link to make it easier for ANYONE that would like to donate straight towards cloth diapers...Since this is such a need all the time for agencies..they decided it would be A LOT easier if they created a WAY people could donate STRAIGHT towards cloth diapers...So, here's that link if interested:

**And, I also mentioned before that is matching donations brought in for cloth diapers...How awesome is that...So, for all yall that wanted to just send cash and I CAN'T possibly take money off my ya have some choices IF you wanted to participate in that way!!! just an fyi...

**Now for all the rest of ya millions of people sending me your diapers....I can't thank you ENOUGH!!! Seriously, I've had so much fun meeting all my new CD friends!! :) (ok, so one of my girlfriends said I had all the CD folk reading my blog now...I finally figured out WHO she was talking about...she says the "cloth diapering" friends stick together and are a close knit group :) So...if that's TRUE..then thanks for letting little old me enter your FRIENDSHIP..even when I haven't the first clue about cloth diapering!! :) LOL All I can say is...You cloth diapering women are VERY generous with your cloth thanks a million!!! Seriously..thanks so much..and the precious babies of Ethiopia thank you too!! :)

**And, for the rest of YOU that are as clueless as i am about cloth diapers and have NEVER used one yourself....well...thanks for shopping!! :) I love seeing the posts where people are OUT shopping for cloth diapers for the babies of Ethiopia!! So, kind and generous of you all!! :) And for those of you that are shopping on line cause, well...cause its just what you do best....YOU ROCK TOO!!! :) And, stay posted..cause I'll start taking pics of the piles soon!!! Yayyy!!

**So, here's another great email and link I got...check this out too if you are interested: "I stumbled upon your blog and I say the cloth diaper post. I have been cloth diapering for 3 yrs now and I wanted to offer my help to you in any way I can. One thing I did want to tell you about is ... this is website that you can buy cloth diapers off of used and in great condition at a fraction of the cost. I buy diapers off there for my little ones. Most of the mama's on there are very knowledgeable and the diapers are as described. Here is the FSOT (for sale or trade) "
See...Aren't you cloth diapering people just amazing!!! Thanks for that email!! :)

***Ok, ONE MORE then I promise to STOP for the night...I also met a new friend that was successful in collecting cloth diapers for her agency (America World) and you can see it here: (i think one post back) BUT, even neater was I found this GREAT video that I somehow missed that just came out on the Today Show...and it's about Ethiopian Women and HOW giving birth to these beautiful children is considered to "have one foot in the grave"!! This video struck such a cord with me SINCE just getting back, and HEARING all about HOW my LL was born (more on that in another post ) while on my trip!! And, I know SO many children that were orphaned BECAUSE their mother died in child birth..yet THEY survived...simply tragic, yet, a miracle these children survive!! So, there's ALSO HOPE for these women too now... I so see LL and my Wes in every child in this video....enjoy:
(and happy Monday, MLK Day to you all) kj

p.s. IF you'd like to donate your used or new cloth diapers...go read my LAST post for all the details!!....

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  1. You Rock! Can I move in next door when our contract is up?! In your spare time, remember to keep an eye out for houses Be looking for houses on the market in the neighborhood in Summer 2012! HA! :o)
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  2. Wow, this is awesome. I will send everything directly to your agency. I live in Canada and it's probably financially wiser to send it straight there instead of sending the diapers to you and then you having to spend the money to mail them anyways.

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve. This ministers to my spirit on so many levels.


  3. YAY!!! I am so loving this cloth diaper project! About to send some your way!!! :)

  4. Kristi,

    I've been trying to find an email address for you, but haven't been able to find one on the site. I'd love to make some covers for prefolds to send, but I want to make sure that they will be needed. I have a pattern for some very durable PUL wrap covers, and I'm ready to get a team of ladies from our church together to make them, but I wanted to make sure that this is something that can be used. Please contact me at if this is something useful. I'd love to set a goal for how many to make, as well - maybe based on the influx of prefolds?




Thank you for your kind words!!