Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Header, A New Button...and One Step Closer...

Wow, thank you ALL so much for ALL your sweet and kind comments regarding OUR RECENT announcement!! Yall are ALL too good to me!! :) I'm so excited to say that our LAST homestudy visit was YESTERDAY and WE'RE ONE STEP closer to getting this little guy home:
Yes, as some of you said...A momma that has held her son and KNOWS in her heart that ONLY some paper work stands in our way...WILL DRIVEAROUND and DO MIRACULOUS things to make sure I'm getting him home as fast as I possibly can!! So, yes, our dossier is finished...our updated homestudy should go for review this Wednesday..then..I'm handed it back "maybe" Thursday...then HOPEFULLY i'm sending everything to Ethiopia NEXT WEEK!! (That will be 3 weeks folks that it took me to get EVERYTHING headed towards Ethiopia to get our little guy home ...record time :) Then, of course, we have to be fingerprinted again..and wait on our U.S. government to issue me the paper work to "leave for court" and to "return" with our little love BACK into the country!! All that can take a while...So..still LOTS of WORK ahead of us...but we're checking them off one by one AS FAST AS WE CAN!! :)

***So, a HUGE thank you to Jenn over at for updating my header today and for adding the title under our family pic "Waiting on Wes"!! She also created my first EVER button yall can grab (if ya want :) which reminds everyone to "pray our little guy home"!!! Love it..thanks so much Jenn!! She said you could still "copy the code" even though I have my blog "right click disabled" highlighting the code..then...something like: Command "C" !! Maybe?? I'm computer "slow"..that's why I'm so thankful to have "Jenn" around in my life to have her help me when it comes to "blog" tech stuff!! :) ****So, Jenn is on her third special needs adoption from China...She also has two bio kids...which yes, puts her at 5 kiddos!! You can read all about it by going to her personal blog at She works on blogs to raise money for her own check her out..use her to redo YOUR blog or site...She's awesome to work with!! Congrats Jenn on #5 and Thanks a million for updating my blog for me!! :) YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!

**A question I got: Where does the name Wes come from?? Wes is short for "Westel" which is my grandfather's name!! My Grandfather is still living and STILL is hip and active and flies planes and hunts all the time. (my grandpa and grandma pictured below)
He's a fun grandpa to have around...and..well...all 5 kids are named after a we knew #6 would be too...and well...we're running out of grandparents...and....I just have always liked his name "Wes"...So, the kids have called "Wes" by name EVER SINCE Lucy Lane came home...We were on the sibling list for "two" when we were adopting Lucy Lane...BUT "one" came around first!! :) So, if Lucy Lane had a twin brother then the kids all knew it was going to be "Wes" ....So, they've asked "when" did their Wes get to come home for....ummm...a year and a half now!! So, he's ALWAYS felt like a part of our fam...cause we've called him by name FOR A LONG TIME!! So...I'll do a post soon on HOW the kids have prayed for him, included him in all holidays, school projects, etc. soon!! Their hearts have played a BIG part in this!!!

***That's ALL i've got tonight....Oh, Head on over to my friend Emily's blog: She's doing a raffle sort of thing to raise money for her son's village in Ethiopia...She and I go back to DAY ONE of adoption world..and..I LOVE what she's doing in Ethiopia!! Her heart is huge and her dreams for this village are just UNBELIEVABLE!!! Check it won't be sorry!!!

**And, thanks again Jenn for my new button...too cute!! happy Monday to you all, kj


  1. Was any of the paperwork easier because you have already done it? Still waiting for Gladney to send me the application... I am already feeling Him work on my patience:) Will be praying for you.

  2. LOVE this post!!! Hope you don't have to wait long for Wes!

  3. We are so excited for your family, and we can't wait to see just how quickly that God can bring little Wes home to all of you! Praying that He will hold you up during the wait (because even if it's not very long, it's still hard on a Mama!)
    Love and prayers,
    David, Larisa, & Yikealo

  4. Just added your button to my blog. Too cute! We are praying for Wes to be joined with your family in God's perfect timing.

  5. Love the new blog header and the new button! Will definitely add it to our blog! Wow! Record time on the dossier and home study! Have no idea how you did in 3 weeks what took us 4 months!!! :) Congrats! Can't wait to watch Wes' journey home!!!

  6. Yes! Jen is amazing... she completely designed POPPY DIP!!
    Can't wait to see little Wes home!! maybe we'll get to see him when we travel for embassy :)

  7. That is great! I LOVE that name Wes. :)

  8. yes, Jen, it was so much easier because i had already completed an adoption before...CCI only requires an "update' of your homestudy... and most things I still had copies of...I also ordered things "before" i left for ET..just in case :) My social worker worked me in to get things done quickly AND my drs and such ALL worked me in the first couple of days I got back from yes, things have fallen to place SO FAR...we'll see from here how it goes..I'm not getting my hopes up for anything FAST beyond this point...:) kristi

  9. Thank you friend!! You are the best.

  10. I finally showed Wes' pic to the kids and they all screamed and jumped up and down. I guess they LOVE the fact that you are adding to your family or something? :) Definitely praying for you as everything get finished here on state side. I have actually heard that uscis has been quicker?? Never know.....can't wait until you are able to get a court date. I know you are wanting it NOW- I would!!!!! Just soo thrilling!!!!!!!!

  11. Thanks for allowing us to grab the button. We enjoy reading your updates and we will be praying for ALL of you!

  12. I couldn't be more happy for you!

    Love his name (and name-sake) too!

    It's all so beautiful :)

    Blessings on getting him home SOON.....


  13. so excited for you!! Can't wait to hear how this one goes! :)

  14. Can't wait to see a picture of Wes' face! I am excited to follow the full adoption.


  15. Congratulations! I am so excited for you and your family! Definitely will pray for Wes and the process! Looking forward to following the journey to bring him home!

  16. I assmumed the name Wes was short for Welsey (John&Charles Wesley brothers who are famous Anglican theologians-credited with starting the Methodist Movement)
    Lots of schools called Wesley College here in Oz. And I know a few Wesley's too-all called Wes...or sorry to say Wozza (terrible Australian habit of changing boys names to end with ozza!)
    Is there an estimate of how long it will take til Wes is home? Best estimate/worst estimate?


Thank you for your kind words!!