Friday, January 14, 2011

Wes's FIRST Gifts Arrive...and a SPECIAL REQUEST... TWO Littles were SO excited that a PRESENT for WES arrived at our front door this morning..(the older three headed back to school today after being home cause of snow for 4 days...yes, I know you Northerners are getting a good laugh out of that one :)My 3 yr. old Georgie made his way out front to get the "present" for Wes....2 yr. old LL said it was TOO COLD!! funny girl.....
They waited for Momma to get the scissors to OPEN the PRESENT that arrived....
Oh, they had so much fun...This present was sent from OUR ADOPTION Agency, CCI, and it was FULL of all kinds of goodies...for both ME, Wes and our other kiddos....
LL claimed the monkey right away...Ummmm...i'm pretty sure this was meant for Wes...but ya know...I'm sure this will be the story of his life...Big Sister stealing everything first:

George LOVES the new tshirt and asks IF he can wear it...It says, "special delivery from Ethiopia" Georgie, you might look a little "pale" wearing a shirt stating YOU are a special delivery from Ethiopia ...LOL....Again..pretty sure that was meant for Wes:LL shows me the journal she found...a special journal to jot down special memories like THIS in it...
George says the BIG GIRLS will LOVE this Ethiopian coloring book that he found:
And, George says this will be perfect for his "sprite"....
Well..they eventually run off...and I was left with all this GREAT stuff to look through....tons of adoption books and material, picture books for the kids 'about' adoption...such great stuff...
Thank you CCI...this is such a thoughtful and wonderful thing to send OUT to your clients....Please KNOW how grateful I am to have received it....Oh, and I found LL pointing to the computer afterwards...She says, "There's MY Baby Brother......"
I say, "That's Right, Lucy Lane..that IS your baby brother!" I try to convince her to give HIM a kiss..but she wants nothing to do with kissing a computer screen :)

And, one last pic...Life's back to normal with the BIG 3 in school today...I found Georgie busy "pretending" he is Daddy...He's walking around "fixing" everything...such silly kiddos I have..Can't wait for Wes to join these two Littles at home:
Ok, AND, I got new PICS of Wes today too....Will update YOU ALL on him in the NEXT post...He's looking better and happier...Praise God!!!!

***And, I just read that our agency is looking for CLOTH DIAPERS!!! Does anyone OUT THERE IN BLOG LAND have access to cloth diapers that they'd like to DONATE??!! This is near and dear to my heart since visiting the SOUTH where diapers are SUCH a luxury!! Seriously, my little guy's original orphanage in the south COULD REALLY use some cloth diapers!! He's now in the city at the transition home where diapers and cloth diapers are easier to come by...but EVEN the ones at the transition home WEAR out and NEW ones are ALWAYS needed!! So, I'm on a CLOTH DIAPER mission...the agency would also be willing to "pay at cost" if that helps them get some too...So...PLEASE let me know IF you, OR ANYONE you know, KNOWS HOW TO GET SOME CLOTH DIAPERS DONATED!!! You can email me at and I'll give you an address to SEND THEM TO IF YOU HAVE ANY TO DONATE!!! Thanks EVERYONE...Yall are seriously the BEST BLOG FRIENDS EVER!!! :)

**UPdate on Wes coming next...Happy Friday to you all, kj


  1. He he he he- I LOVE your kiddos :) Love all the fun stuff in the package :) I am sure LL will "share" with Wes...he he he.....
    Can't wait to hear the update!

  2. Many cloth diaper manufacturers give new or seconds donations to baby homes... One home in Uganda that we were looking into used Fuzzibunz and they were all donated of course... It is worth a look.

  3. Hi Kristi:

    Wondering if there is a possibility for a pattern...maybe some of us could sew simple diapers. I am not very good but we could purchase the material and make them.(if it was an easy pattern)...I could get my African girls involved in a project something like that. What do you think?


  4. How CUTE are they? And what a special gift to get your family even MORE excited!

  5. Contact and to ask about diapers. I use cloth and they have the best prices. They're also great women and may be able to help out.

    We're still using cloth and adding another baby in the future so we need ours but I have a few to donate. Where would I send them?

  6. thanks Marci..i'll start calling around and SEE what they are willing to donate...AND..I think connie had a great idea too..I'll see if I can find a pattern...thanks for your help, kj

  7. I know Kristi that some are quite detailed with velcro...but others use pins and are easy to sew. (which would they prefer?) I will also look into a store here in Canada where I do alot of shopping second hand. They might have diapers really cheap...and all proceeds go to it's a good thing. We could buy some diapers and either send them to you or send them directly to wherever you want them sent.

    You don't have to approve this message...wasn't sure how else to contact you. Anyway, just let me know...I will check out the store tomorrow and see what I can find that is in excellent shape...will only purchase the best ones.


  8. Great minds think alike :) You'll have to read the post I put on our blog today :)

    I left a message on your fb about a group of ladies interested in making some.

  9. What a great gift from your agency! That was so sweet! Can't wait to hear another update on little Wes!!!

  10. What a great box to get!!!

    I was just going through our cloth diaper stash wondering which agency/organization I needed to send them to. They are used, but were well taken care of and I can't think of a better way to pass them on!

  11. One question......does your husband fix things in his underwear? LOL. Great Post. We have been diving into our tool box as well. A little jealous about you getting pictures though:) I am dying for new ones!

  12. Kristi, I currently cloth diaper and have a few diapers I can donate. I'll email you to get the address. I'm also a "fan" of some different cloth diaper company's Facebook pages. So I'll post this on their pages and see what information and help I can get you. Another website to contact that might want to help would be Two good cloth diaper forums are and I'll post this on there as well to see if cloth diapering moms out there would donate their diapers orphanage. Also, maybe emailing the different companies directly would produce fruit. Go to their website and click contact and tell them of the need. Or if you rather, I can do it. Just let me know. Here are some company websites:
    And there are a ton more.
    Lasty, Natali Morris is a news anchor for CBS News, Eye on Parenting. Many companies donated cloth diapers to her so she would try them out for 30 days and then report on what she though of them and hopefully become a cloth diapering Momma. She did. So she might be interested in getting the word out there on her blog and possibly contact the companies that donated to her and ask them to donate for a very important cause. You can email her directly at morris-dot-natali-at-gmail-dot-com. I hope all of this helps, and let me know if I can be of more help.
    PS - If the orphanages prefer to basic prefold diapers to the more modern ones, they use what's called a snappi now rather than pins. They're faster and safer than pins. So it would be good to ask for those along with the prefolds if prefolds are what are preferred. Here's a link showing what Snappis are:

  13., that is so awesome...I'll check into all these links...thank you so much for taking the time to send me these...and yes, IF you'd like to contact any of them yourself..that would be a huge help :) BUT i will also email all these people later and see what they say about donating..thanks a million for your help, kristi

  14. hey kristi...i just emailed you about diapers. i just did a post about what i am doing a few days ago and have awesome updates to post about.

  15. Kristi, I'm on it! I will contact every company, retailer, and fellow cloth diapering Momma I can think of and share this opportunity with them to help. I'll be mailing you my cloth diapers on Monday morning. I'm excited to help how ever I can with this project! Can't wait to see what God does!


Thank you for your kind words!!