Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Little Ethiopian "With Attitude"!!! :)

Oh, how I love my little Ethiopian Princess...and she IS just that: All girl...all sass...all priss...all opinionated at the RIPE OLD age of 2!! :) And, Since Ethiopian Christmas IS THIS WEEK...and since I JUST RETURNED from Ethiopia with this cute new dress for my little LOVE...well...I thought it would be a fabulous idea to do a little "photo shoot" in her new Traditional Ethiopian Dress....And, well..it doesn't hurt either that my bff is a photographer...So...we had good intentions.....and...well...Lucy Lane RIGHT AWAY decides she DOESN'T LIKE THE DRESS:Yes, I get it on her with out much fuss, and she looks down at it...looks at me and says, "NO FOR LUCY LANE!!" I start in on the: "Oh, you look so pretty...just a couple of pics for Mommy"..and the crying on HER PART BEGINS....She's trying to pull the thing off of her and WON'T stop crying for a single pic....So, I run over and try to console her:
I pull out the famous "ring pop" that ALL good moms keep in their bags to bribe their kids to smile on "picture day"....and it worked for a second...

But she quickly realizes I've gotten too far away and makes a run for me (and yes, i'm holding HER coat..and yes, it is slightly chilly outside..which could be partly the reason she is SO mad at me for having her picture taken):
So, more love from Mommy...She's ONLY happy IF i'm holding her....And, IF I'd known I'd be in the pics..I'd at least put some kind of make up or something on!! :)

Yes, it's true...after getting 5 kids out the door in the morning...I'm just lucky to have clothes on and my teeth brushed...I feel my day is a success WHEN those two things are accomplished!! :) LOL
Well, we attempt the chair....NOT a good idea:

Trying to make her happy...she's NOT enjoying this ONE BIT:

This is her "I'm mad at YOU TOO" look to Karen (the photographer :)
Oh, my!!...note to self...Don't try to set her down and walk away for a pic...it didn't work...Ok, giving up now...just not worth it:
How about a picture of Karen's son...He's dressed appropriately for this weather and seems to be having fun: (isn't he a cutie??)
Alright...we move inside where it is warm....
How about a picture of my 3 yr. old George (while Lucy Lane warms up..I mean..cheers up!!!) George was having a blast:
Ok, so LL starts enjoying herself....Karen's son shows some attitude towards her (in the pic below) and says, "I'M 2 1/2!!! " LL says, "Listen boy...I'm a NEW two...but with this hair...I'm bigger than YOU..so you better watch it with the attitude!!! " (ok..so she didn't really say that...but i know she was thinkin it):
LL showing some love for her big bro:
CAUSE FUNNY GIRL can't stay mad forever:

Oh, hurt me cute...
And, yes, with THIS smile...she'll probably show attitude forever...cause she has us all wrapped around her little finger:
Oh...and I rejoice KNOWING I have another little Ethiopian coming!! :) Thanks sooooo much Karen!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! Seriously...JUST THE BEST!!! Had so much fun today!! Yall can check out more of her work at: www.karenhalbertphotography.com
**Happy Tuesday to you all, kj


  1. Oh my goodness...what a cute story with photos! So glad it worked inside!!!! I have Jennifer I. designing my new blog/new name right now:) Being private was no fun! :)

  2. Hurt me cute is right!! Could she be more adorable! ;) That blue bench looks familiar! lol Weimer dozen......

    Can't wait to see some pics when her and Wes get together. ;) So happy for you (and you look beautiful make-up or not!) ♥

  3. These are so cute! I love the REALness! I have those days with my boy where he won't smile at ALL! But funny enough one of those days was where I got the CUTEST serious shot, I LOVE IT! The end ones are keepers though, way to go! The dress, the hair, and the attitude are AWESOME!

  4. I have a photographer friend so we take entirely too many family pictures!

    These are so cute! Her little personality is hilarious!

  5. I love it! What a great idea...

  6. Such beautiful pictures. :) I love the sass on your girl! Adorable! :)

  7. She is adorable (the boys were cute also).

  8. The things we go through for pictures of our kids! These are very cute and I love the explanation of each picture!!! Too funny!!

  9. so precious!!!! I love that dress! Do you know if they make similar dresses in adult sizes? We're planning to get Tucker a traditional outfit and something for my husband and I for family pictures :)

  10. I love this! These pics are priceless! Also, Congratulations!!! We are praying for you guys! :)


  12. OH she is just precious! I think the ones of you holding her are so sweet :) Those are all great pictures! Love them and her dress is beautiful!

  13. OOOOOOO.......mommy she is just tooo cute!!!! My kids love seeing your blog :) he he he..... Elizabeth says look it's George- I love him. Watch out :)
    You just can't say no to that! Kind of reminds me of some other kiddos I know....not mentioning any names or anything???

  14. Ooooooooh I LOVE it! I was like ...Ooooh Lucy is not hav'n fun!:( ...then towards the end of the pictures - I was cracking up - because POOOOOF there was that silly little personality! :) TOTALLY ♥LOVE♥ the little pointed toe with her big bro pic! Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE! :) Sure wish your AMAZING photographer lived a little closer to SEATTLE! :) darn! :)

    SUPER EXCITED for you and adoption round 2!!! Wes is such a cute little bird (and I love his name) :) CONGRATS again and again! ♥

  15. I adore her! And the very FIRST picture of her sitting down crying is adorable! BTW: I am SO excited that Wes will be joining Lucy Lane!!!

  16. Oh my goodness, those pictures are so cute I can't stand it!!! Love her Ethiopian dress! Ya'll got some really cute pics! I just made a mental note to buy a traditional Ethiopian dress for Caroline Faith when we are in Ethiopia...would love to do a photo shoot like this one day!!! :)

  17. Those are the best!!!! You look great, you will cherish those of you and her forever!

  18. What a BEAUTY she is! You are so blessed. Your children photograph wonderfully.

  19. Lucy and George are too cute!! I love the ET dress. I hope to adopt in the future and your blog oh, its hurt me cute!!

  20. Love the pictures. Eva thinks the one of LL's tongue sticking out is hilarious and has to copy her when she sees it! :o)

  21. this is too funny. you look beautiful sans make up, girl. love the pictures.

  22. I just adore the picture of your little guy pointing at Lucy -- his expression is priceless LOL!

    This is my first time on your blog and I watched the video of when you picked up Lucy and it had me in tears. So much love comes through that video. I wish we would be able to adopt. Your family is just beautiful.

    Dagmar's momsense


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