Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy 9th Birthday to My Oldest Babe!!!

I just can't believe my first born is 9 YEARS OLD!!! Yes, my sweet little girl that MADE ME A MOMMA....turned 9 yesterday on the 28th!!! Oh, she's growing up way too fast....It seems like yesterday she was this baby girl that I LOVED to dress up:Oh, we just thought she was the BEST thing in this world!!! And, when she was only still 1, her beloved baby sister arrived...and she took on the role of her life: responsible big sister:
And, TODAY, she is still that same girl!! She's the BEST big sister to ALMOST 5 little siblings you've ever seen...She'll even wake in the morning and start fixing the "little" kid's breakfast...We tell her NOT to do it..that's OUR job..and yet, she insists SHE LIKES TO!!!! :) She's a wonderful, first born that is a natural leader, responsible, sensible, calm, and sweet...And, here is my 9 year old YESTERDAY on her bday:
We're going "low key" on the bday parties for instead of a big bash at home like we normally do...We just took all our crew and a few of helen's friends out for movie and pizza...and it was a perfect night!!! And, pictured above, I took Helen to Target one night this past week for a little "bday date night" with Mom and she picked out her "special" bday outfit!!! :) The girl has some style!!!!! :)

**The movie was fun....It was Yogi Bear in 3D...and my sister kasey got to join us too with her two kiddos:
George and Lucy Lane are completely "nutty" in the movie theater...Neither one of them at the ages of 2 and 3 can sit through the entire show...and well....LL can only make it about 5 minutes without having to jump around...
LL just didn't know what to think about the 3D glasses:

She was truly "screaming" at the top of her lungs with excitement...She LOVED the movie..... funny girl.....
then we hit the local pizza spot...Oh, and Cousin Nathan was with us too...This is my sister Kelly's son from Ethiopia (for anyone new around here :) ...
Cousin Haiden and my Julia are always best buds...
And, here's Helen with her "cookie cake" she requested...Oh, they LOVE these things...but I miss the "REAL" cake:
And, we dropped the friends back at their home on the way back home..and we called it a bday night!! :) It was fun and easy and simple!!! And, all the kids had fun!!

**And, my Helen: We all love you SO much and are SO blessed to have you in our lives!! This world is a better place because you are in it!! Your sweet, quiet, reserved, peaceful, kind spirit SHINES through every where you go!! People naturally LOVE you and that's because you are beautiful on the inside and out!! God has BIG plans for you are simply a beautiful child of God!! Happy 9th bday...Oh, and here is my big girl 9 years and 1 day old:
She's a SPORTS girl...she says she's NOT a "girly" girl (what ever that means :) I won't tell anyone then that we had to take your fancy earrings out before your game today cause the refs won't let you wear them during the game!! hee hee!! :)

**Oh, and ONE last thing that makes "helen" WHO SHE IS....Her favorite thing in this world is ART!!! Yes, she loves sports, and cooking, and shopping with Mom for clothes.....but ART holds her heart!!! She's the type of child that "chooses" to sit with her sketch pad at recess INSTEAD of playing!!! I know...she didn't get this from me...I would have been afraid I'd miss out on a great conversation IF I sat away from the crowd :) LOL We love you Helen because You are UNIQUE and because you are YOU!!! :) Happy Saturday to you all, kj


  1. Happy Birthday Helen! Being NINE is so much fun!! That cookie cake looks yummy...

  2. The name Helen means "LIGHT" and yours SHINES brightly!
    Happy Birthday Blessings from Hong Kong,

  3. Feliz Cumpleanos to Ms. Helen. Beautiful young lady. Such a blessing. Hope she had an Awesome day!

  4. Happy 9th Birthday to Helen!! She is so beautiful! My kids are the same way...they would rather have a cookie cake than a birthday cake! :) Sounds like she is an amazing big sister!!

  5. Happy Birthday Helen!!!

    It looks like you had a fun day :)

    Just think, next year on your 10th birthday, you'll have another little one at your party!!!


    ps....LOVE the baby picture :)

  6. Happy Birthday Helen!!! From all of us in the Wright Family :) Love hearing about you :) I am thinking you are one special young lady!!!

    Also- loved your last post about Lucy :)

    What a BEAUTIFUL family!!!

  7. Such a sweet post! :) Happy birthday to your Helen. :)

  8. Such a beautiful young lady Helen is growing up to be! :) Our Taylor's not a girlie girl either, but she loves her hair accessories and earrings! ;) lol Happy [late] birthday Helen!


Thank you for your kind words!!