Friday, July 16, 2010

You Know You're From Kentucky When....(and happy 20 months LL)

Yes, I really do enjoy and embrace my "Kentucky" side every once in a while!! Now, my hubby has Kentucky blood well...we both enjoy heading that way from time to time to take in ALL that the BIG BLUE GRASS STATE has to offer!! :)

So, seriously...I do believe Kentucky just has some things that other states DON'T!!! For example...How many states have DINOSAUR WORLD?? Well, we'd never ventured over to old "Dinosaur World" this past Saturday...we loaded up the kiddos and headed that way!!

You know you're from Kentucky when you drive down the interstate and there our Dinosaurs on the side of the road letting you know that "Dinosaur World" is the next exit!! Our kids were screaming with excitement!!! How many times in your life do you get the above pic?? Only in Kentucky!!

LL didn't find it quite as exciting at the rest of the kids did, so she took a little snooze at old Dino World!!

My 5 yr. old Hal was enjoying climbing on the dinosaurs one minute...and literally the next:

He lost his FIRST tooth!!! Yes, my Hal lost his FIRST tooth at Dinosaur world...something he'll probably never forget!! He was a little traumatized..but it was loose and ready to go!! :) Poor guy!! :) BUT he got excited and happy when he realized the tooth fairy would be coming AND he beat his 1st cousin Haiden to lose their first tooth!! :)

So, on the same street as "Dinosaur World" can literally drive up and down the street and find ALL these crazy attractions like: Haunted Houses, Caves, and my favorite: Bumper Boats!! Someone seriously put an above ground pool on their farm and stuck some boats on it and painted a sign above it and they call it "Bumper Boats" and charge people to come and ride!! There was even a Ski Lift (minus the skiing) that took you over the farm (but it had no seat belts and I'm unsure if ANYONE has EVER come to check on this RIDE and I'm pretty sure it would never pass we passed on that one) BUT the Bumper Boats were really fun....Only in Kentucky!!! :)

Another stop was the Put Put Golf!! The kids loved it!!

(oh, i love seeing her reach for his hand...just too sweet)

You know you're in Kentucky when you find this trampoline jumping device on the side of the road too..and they charge you to jump...All on the same street as Dinosaur World...You just can't get any better than this folks!! The kids were in heaven!!! :) (above, they even let my 3 yr. old George do it...not sure there were any rules to this place...they asked if LL wanted to do it..I kindly passed :)

Above, all the kids waiting on Hal to finish...What you can't see is my 6 yr. old Julia crying because she said that 5 yr. old Hal jumped "better" than her and did "better" flips than she did...They are a year apart and slightly competitive with one another!! :) It's a MUST with 5 kids to leave EVERY fun place with at least ONE kid crying...just wouldn't feel RIGHT if it didn't happen!! :)

(above, Hal's jumping ability that left Julia in tears :)
How about a pickle break?? Ok, so does every place in America offer LARGE pickles in a murky jar of water for 99 cents?? Or is this just a Kentucky thing??? Just wondering!!

And, just when you think you've seen it all...You head on down the road a bit more..and the kids scream when they see that someone has a WATER SLIDE in their front yard and the sign read, "Slide for 10 bucks ALL DAY"....Well...yes, we're suckers for some fun....So, we pull the back..throw on their suits...and they run for it!!! BUT, in the end...only my two competitive middle children 5 yr old Hal and 6 yr. old Julia would go down the BIG slide...8 yr. old helen was too scared..and well... the babies weren't offered the chance!! :) But these two, above, wouldn't dare allow the other to show them off they went...and they had a blast while the rest of us cheered them on!!!
***We then packed up 5 VERY sleepy kids and headed back to TN!!! They said they can't wait to go back next summer!! :) Our kids think KENTUCKY IS THE BEST!!! And, every once in a while...Daddy and I completely agree with them!! :)

***And, Happy 20 months LL!! I can't believe we're OUT of the teens and only 4 months away from you being TWO!! Oh, hurt my heart!! Crazy how fast time is flying....and we're so blessed to have you experiencing OUR CRAZY ADVENTURES with us each and every day!! God couldn't have made a more perfect child for our family!! :) Happy 20 months LL and Happy Friday to you all, kj
ps...go read My big sister Kelly is posting from Ethiopia...Tell me you couldn't love one of those sweet babies?? I can't wait to go back!! In every orphaned face..all I see is Lucy Lane!! kj


  1. I am cracking up.....
    This is great! We live in Ohio and have passed through KY many times!!!

  2. Ok, this is one crazy road trip. That is some funny stuff. So glad you thought the pickle water was murky, cuz I was worried you were going to say y'all ate them! Eew! What a fun excursion. I love how you and Will are always up for anything!!

  3. Precious pics! What a fun day!! My kids would've loved all that too...especially the waterslide in someone's yard!! Yes, we have pickles in yucky water too in Mississippi! I guess it's everywhere! :)

  4. LOL love it!
    I'm a native Ohioan (cincinnati) and spent many a day growing up, in KY at the horse race tracks with my grandparents. I have fond memories of EVERY TIME we crossed over the bridge from Cincy to KY, my sweet grandmother belting out, off key, "My ole Kentucky Home".

    Thanks for sharing your travels!

  5. LAUGHING OUT LOUD! OH my goodness! I LOOOOVE the Johnsons and this post reminds me why. Only you guys would stop on the side of the road and do all this. I LOVE IT! In my guys could totally handle one more kids---ya'll are already so crazy! I LOVE IT!

  6. Love it! I lived in the south very briefly and wish I could go back.

    My family is doing our paperwork to love a sweet babe from Ethiopia! We got accepted by AGCI and are starting our homestudy!

  7. Just one question:
    "Is that your baby?"

  8. i have family from kentucky too so I totally know what you mean! love the pics!

  9. I live in Kentucky and have never heard of "Dinosaur world"..ha. Where in KY is this place??

  10. Have you considered a work at home job in Kentucky tourism? I would think you could bring a lot of money to the state. :-)

    ..and I have to say I just love, love, love the way LL always has those cute bows in her hair. They are precious.

  11. We have been to Dinosaur World in Texas! My boys loved it! Your post made me wonder how many states have Dinosaur World, so I googled it and found out there are 3, Texas, Florida, and Kentucky. Just thought I would share that tidbit of info. I have no idea how many states have people who make their own bumper boat rides =)
    Glad you had a fun trip!

  12. Love Dinosaur World! We have one in Texas too. But, I will say I have NEVER seen a water slide in someones yard with a sign for $10 unlimited sliding, ha! That is a new one :) Looked fun!

  13. We have passed those Dinosaurs many times. Now aren't their teepee shaped motels near that same exit?


Thank you for your kind words!!