Saturday, July 24, 2010

Our First Stitches....

Yes, it was a VERY long night in the ER last night...And, about 3am and 4 stitches later...we made it back home!! My 5 yr. old little Hal was playing outside (after dark) and we were setting up tent to "camp" in the back yard when he ran into the metal SeeSaw and it obviously had a sharp corner and you can see... it got him!!! Our pediatrician lives in our neighborhood, so I made a quick stop by there to "make sure" i really needed to go to the ER...and he and his physician wife agreed we HAD to GO!!! DARN!!! So, my buddy was a trooper...we waited FOREVER!!! I made friends with everyone around me...(imagine that :) Heard lots of neat/interesting stories for MANY hours!! :)

We finally got to a room in the early hours of the morning..and my Hal was snoozing away by that point across my body....I have never been so happy to see a bed to finally get to put my boy down on to sleep!! :) He's not light!! I snapped a couple of pics with my phone...but then had to HOLD him down for the stitches...AWFUL!! He was tired, disoriented and in PAIN!! YUCK!! He went right back to sleep after his stitches were over..and I came home to an Ethiopian Princess that wouldnt' go to sleep for daddy at 3 A.M. LOL! Can you say she's slightly spoiled by her Momma being there...She was SO relieved to see me and after thinking it was TIME TO PLAY for about an hour..she finally passed out too! Phew...NOT much sleep going on around here!! But my Hal is feeling great today (no pain) and we made it his "brave day" for getting the FIRST stitches in the fam and he got to pick WHAT we were doing all day!! The other kids said, "NO FAIR"..but we said, "Hey, when you get stitches, we'll let you pick too!!" :)

**So, now it's almost 11pm, still going on no sleep from last night, no camping occurred last night, all camping stuff has been moved indoors to camp in the living room tonight (much safer), no kids are even slightly asleep yet, and I have to teach Sunday School tomorrow and I'm trying to drink coffee to stay awake to plan the lesson!! Maybe a nap with LL would be nice tomorrow!! :) But certainly grateful my sweet 5 yr. old Hal is ok and praising God that I live in a country where kind people in a Children's Hospital are just a drive down the road!! Happy Saturday to you all, kj

P.S. My sister, Kelly, just flew in from Ethiopia with her team tonight!! It was an amazing trip and they have SO many children to advocate for!! I'll be posting all about it soon!! But for now, check out all the great posts at kj


  1. bless his little heart. poor thing!
    and i can't wait to hear about Kelly's trip! :)

  2. what an ordeal. i'm so glad your brave boy is doing better. you have a supernatural ability to survive without sleep, girl! with 5 kids, i can't believe these are your first stitches! btw, camp outs are better inside anyway.

  3. Whew that sounds like a very LONG night. So glad that he's doing well today. :) Hoping you get some great rest soon, too! :)

    Oh, and have been reading K's blog every day--what an INCREDIBLE trip. Even Jason has been reading the posts!

  4. Poor thing! So glad he is doing better today! Looks like a fun camping trip in the living room! Love it! Hope you get a nap deserve it!!

  5. poor baby Hal. Hope he heals quickly and nicely so he can really shine for the AGCI picnic. love and hugs.

  6. Sweet Hal. I'm so sorry about the stitches--its terrible to hold a child down for those-- we have been on the holding down side and the receiving end of stitches here--oh,my, its a shock to little bodies and mama's hearts. Hope he is rested up after all that! Grab that nap if you can find a window!:)Love to you all! Gillian

  7. So so sorry to hear about the stitches :o( I want to give you a heads up in case this ever happens to LL (heaven forbid and wish I had known). Our little brown bear fell and needed stitches two weeks before our daughters wedding (he was going to be the ring bearer). Our ER experience was just aweful for him and me. The ER doc told us to use Mederma. We used it 4x/day liberally! I wanted that horrible scar to completely disappear off of my beautiful babies face. Also, the doc said African American skin is more apt to keloid (where the scar is raised on the skin forever). What we didn't know was that Mederma bleaches little brown skin!!!! Not only did we have a horrible looking scar but now it was framed with a big discolored patch ~ the exact size of my husbands giant finger print around the scar! It has taken a long while for the skin pigmentation to come back. It was kind of a gradual discoloring so we didn't realize it was happening ~ then all of a sudden KABOOM there it was. We resorted to applying the Mederma with the very tip of a Q-tip and stayed only on the scar ~ harder then it sounds on a wiggly 22month old that was already freaked out about any one ever touching this spot again! Hope this word gets out to other parents with little brown bears!!! Blessings, Denise


Thank you for your kind words!!