Monday, July 19, 2010

Lucy Lane and Luci May..Back Together Again!!!

Yes, look who came to visit us...It's Luci from : OH, she's just a doll!! Luci May came home from HH right after Lucy Lane did...So I actually got to love on their Luci before Mom and Dad even did!! OH, and she's so yummy sweet!! And, this family came to visit us TODAY!!!
I'm just sure these two remembered each other from their days rolling around at HH!! :) But you see, Luci May had a little cat nap before Lucy Lane was, well, quite irritable and wouldn't take a pic for me for ANYTHING!!! OH, but we tried:

I made the mistake of "trying" to take her paci away for the pic....NOT a good idea!!!

Luci May was feelin the LOVE!!! She would pat and love on LL as if they'd been best buddies their whole life!!!
Then, above, LL pretty much lost it and was READY for a to bed she went and the rest of our crew had fun playing together all afternoon!!!
My lucy lane missed out on all the water fun...but Luci May enjoyed it until she slipped and bonked her head on my garage floor...Oh, was fun for a bit..and she was TOO cute in her yellow suit!!! :)

Missy and her little Ethiopian Princess!!! I've followed Missy's blog FOREVER!! I really feel like I know all these BLOG FRIENDS..and then they really come to life when they show up on your front steps (invited of course :) was AWESOME to finally meet this fam in person!! And, she was just as I imagined...funny and adorable!!

Oh, and the big kids had fun too!! My kids enjoyed a little water sliding on the garage floor...and, yes, I had them wear their helmets cause I was afraid they'd hit their precious little noggins!! :)

And, ONE pic of all the kids MINUS LL who was still napping away!! We couldn't get George out of the pool so we just gathered around him!! :) Oh, and my girls told me, Missy, after you left that your OLDEST son looks like Justin Beiber (sp?) (who ever that is???? ) They said it was the "hair" !! :)

One last pic of the BLOG FRIEND MOMS before they had to head out BACK to Nebraska!! Such a fun time!! Such a neat connection for our girls and I will hope and pray that this sweet family makes it down to see us again some day!! What a blessing it is to know you guys!! Thanks SOOO MUCH for coming to visit us!!!
**Happy Monday to you all, kj


  1. So neat that you and missy were able to meet ! 2 of the cutest LUCY/I'S EVER :)

  2. Love LL's sweet little bare brown feet!

  3. Oh, they are just so sweet together! I can't wait to meet some blog friends "in real life" in less than 2 weeks!! :)

  4. LOL he totally DOES look like Justin Bieber! ;)

  5. SO jealous!!!!! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun...

  6. Kristi,
    I have been following your blog for a few months now. Your family is just beautiful, and its so funny how you can feel like you know someone just by reading about their lives and seeing pics over the internet. My hubby and I just got back from a missions trip in southern Ethiopia a couple weeks ago. You can check out our video at
    Also, I saw a mens t-shirt for adoption you had on your blog around Fathers Day, and ordered one, but now I can't find the blog I ordered it from, do you remember the shirt?
    Sorry for the long comment. I couldn't find an email address :)
    Mine is

  7. 2 of the cutest Lucy's I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!

  8. i can't stop smiling!!!! you are truly the hostess with the mostess. loved every minute with you. we just talked last night about the highlights of our trip and everyone said our visit with you all! thanks again. let me know when that house next door is for sale. :) i'll get my pix up soon(er or later).

  9. Luci and Lucy. . . sweetness squared! Too cute!


Thank you for your kind words!!