Thursday, July 15, 2010

Another Great Video...(I know..I just love them)

Yes, another fabulous video..I think the END of this one is one of my favs!! The message just speaks volumes to my heart!! I just returned from a 3 day trip to Kentucky with 6 kiddos by myself (our 5 plus cousin Nathan since his momma (my big sister, kelly) is in Ethiopia right now)....When I recover and get a little sleep..I'll tell yall all about it...Until then...ENJOY!!

You can read more about their adventure at Happy Thursday to you all, kj minute the video is there..the next time it disappears...blogger must be having issues..who knows!!! So, if it isn't showin up for ya, then try refreshing..if still no video..then you can go to their site to watch it!!
It's worth it!! :) kj


  1. Kristy-
    I think you may be so sleepy you forgot to put the video in the message? :0) Now I REALLY want to see it--or were we just suppose to go to their site? I can do that. Happy resting.

  2. oh yep--saw this one--loved it too! :0)

  3. ok, too is there one minute and gone the next...too strange...what's up with my computer?? it must be tired too :) kj

  4. Hey Kristi! No there is not another Fellowship group we just got all of the Spring Hill families together the other day. Sorry we didn't make the last fellowship at your house. We are hoping we can make the next one! I'm hoping by the next get together we will have started our journey to #2!

  5. I'm thinking this could be Lucy Lane's brother...they look soooo much alike! Much Love, and thanks for sharing! KT

  6. He is adorable!! Love his dimples!!


Thank you for your kind words!!