Monday, July 26, 2010

The Western Ky State Fair (attack chickens and my favorite conversation yet :)

Yes, a couple of weeks ago, I drove back home to attend the Western Kentucky State Fair with my sister, Kasey, and her two little ones!! My hubby said, "Why are you taking our 5 kids to this by yourself??" Ummmm, because 5 kids at the fair in 95 degree heat sounds like FUN!! :) LOL Ok, so sometimes, I do wonder about my sanity...but really it was a fun, fast trip home!! And, I experienced one of my favorite conversations yet that i'll share at the here goes: See this above pic??? This cute little 4H boy comes up and asks my kids: "Do yall want to see my chicken?" My kids look interested and ONE SECOND AFTER THIS PIC IS TAKEN...can you guess what happened?? YES, the chicken jumped OFF his shoulder and straight into my stroller with my 2 babies!!! It was awful!!! George just jumped and tried to get away from it...BUT LL FREAKED!!! She hated the thing and wanted it off her!! She couldn't calm down and needed LOTS of Mommy lovin to get over the ATTACK of the 4H Chicken!! Poor thing...she might hate chickens the rest of her life!!!
Ok, so then she was in an ill mood and VERY fragile...and THEN she realized that I bought arm bands for the older 4 (even George) but not for her...which meant she stayed with Momma while the older 4 rode rides!!! It didn't seem cruel at the time since she was STILL not over the chicken attack and wanted NOTHING to do with the stroller and just wanted me to hold her!! I mean..and she is ONLY 20 months old!!! :)

But the Little Gal is smart and couldn't believe I let George go somewhere with out her!! So, as they got on a ride with out her....she started her ear piercing SCREAM!!!

I got the whole " throw myself on the nasty fair ground floor and take my shoe off" fit!! She wasn't happy with me.....

But she always gets over things quickly..and decided hangin on to my leg was BETTER AFTER ALL!! :)

Oh, that was until a kind, fair carnival guy felt sorry for her and let her ride for free one time!!! Ok, so I thought she was too young...but obviously i was wrong..and she had a blast...but then I had to take her off the thing....MAD AGAIN!!! :)

I even ran into one of my friends from home that adopted Internationally too!! So fun!! We had to grab a pic of our girls that are the exact same age and came home about the same time too!!

****Now for the CONVERSATION OF THE YEAR!!!! It was SO FUNNY to see how the young kids reacted to having LL on my hip walking around the fair!! It was the 10 to 13 year old African American children (both boys and girls ) that just couldn't help themselves and would have to come up to me and ask me about LL...My favorite conversation went something like this:
(standing in line for a ride) Young girl with many of her friends standing with her says: "is that your baby?"
me: "yes, she's mine"
girls and boys chime in: "She don't look nuttin like you...She don't look like you AT ALL!!! "
me: "oh, i think she does..I think she looks just like me"
kids: "nu way she looks like you...she don't look nuttin like you"
me: "oh, i think we look a lot alike" (me trying not to crack up)
boy: "well, she did get your eyes, but THAT'S IT!! " :)
me: "yay, but I think she got more than just my eyes"
boy: (he leans over to talk softly) : " Is her Daddy REAL DARK?"
me: (ok , i bust a gut laughin) : "All right..i'll stop messin with yall...I adopted her"
kids: "ADOPTED???? "
me: " yes, adopted her!" ( i go on to explain where she is from, etc. )
girl: "You mean, you went all the way to Africa FOR HER??? "
me; "uh, yes..I think she was worth it"
girl: "yes, she's cute and I like her bow...but while you were there...why didn't you get you a WHITE baby?"
me; "ummm. because it is Africa, there aren't any white babies"
girl: "oh, I didn't think of that"
me: "and I think brown is pretty..I like her color...I'm glad she is brown"
kids all together: "OH, YEA, BROWN IS PRETTY...Uh, huh...she's pretty...she's a nice brown!" :)
So, that was it..I educated a few more groups of children that were brave enough to come up and chat....Such a funny thing...and that's why i love kids...cause they'll just come up to ya and ask ya WHAT EVERY ONE ELSE THERE IS THINKIN!! :) And, i've had SO MUCH fun tellin that story for the past couple of weeks!! Priceless!! :)
**Attack chickens and great conversations...not sure HOW our fair here in Tennessee can quite compare...but it is comin up in August and I can't wait!! :) Happy Monday to you all, kj


  1. Okay, that's just HILARIOUS!!! LOVE IT!


  2. I just love that conversation!
    Our first week at Preschool the kids were pretty confused because my Katie didn't look like her Mommy or her Daddy! It didn't take long for us to bring in her Lifebook and give the kids a little adoption education! :)
    Firstbrook Five

  3. my question for you, kristi johnson, is COULD YOU BE ANY CUTER??? i mean, really. i love how you handled that conversation. and especially how it ended up. i love that you are brave enough to take all your kids to a fair alone (never, no never, would i do that). and i LOVE the pic of you with LL. and the one of her pitching her little fit is pretty darn cute too! praying for you as you share your story at the dinner. it's gonna be so incredible!!!

    p.s. i've always been scared of anything with a beak.

  4. LOL love the conversation with the kids! I am still getting used to all the stares when I'm out and about with my little miss. Love your "non defensive" approach:0) BTW we are traveling to nashville next week and would love to get together! We will be attending the World Vision event!

  5. Love that conversation! too cute! And brown is sooooooo pretty!

  6. Great story! Sorry about the attack chicken. Poor babies! You will tell both those stories for years!

  7. Lol. That is a great story!! Made my morning:) Were heading to the county fair here tonight!:) Going to take my son to see the monster trucks!!!

  8. Wow. . . what a precious conversation! Talking to kids is amazing because they say exactly what is on their mind. I love it. :)

  9. That is a GREAT conversation........he he he he....too funny!

  10. I love your conversation... brown is real pretty. :-)

  11. LOVE that conversation!! So cute! Can't wait to take Caroline Faith to the fair here in MS! I'm sure that will stir lots of conversations!! :)

  12. I love, love, love the story, and the chicken attack has my laughing out loud to myself. I mean there sits LL and George so calmly in the stroller, and I can just see the entire thing unfold. :-) If LL becomes a vegetarian, we will always know why........

  13. Oh Kristi, I love how you turn conversations that some people might get ruffled or even testy about into great moments for sharing. You ooze grace, and I love it! This is an amazing exchange, I'm so glad you shared!

  14. That conversation made me laugh:0) And as far as the chicken attack goes, I hate chickens. They totally freak me out. I think I was attacked by a chicken I was about 3 or so..b/c before that I loved them. Such a beautiful family you have, Kristi.

    April (From Canada)

  15. I had a conversation just like that only with a grown woman who was African American. She asked me if my Sawyer (who was about 4 months old at the time) was mine and of course when I said yes she looked down at him (in my arms) then up at me then down again before saying "his daddy must be REAL dark!" I just said "yes he is" and walked away. You did a much better job with your conversation.

  16. ok, the chicken thing was hilarious, but the conversation was hysterical. Going to the fair is so something I would do. I like to say to the kids-that's take an adventure and we can always just leave and drive home if we have to. Life is so short, why not. Thanks for making me laugh today! Blessings!

  17. LL if you hate chickens the rest of your life..I'm right there with ya. My Great Uncle use to butcher them and I got to see it all...headless running chickens! I swear when u r 6 and witness such a know they are running after you! I hate chickens to this day. Love the story!!!!

  18. I need a blog post on the hair bows. Where you get them, do you ever make them, show me how your store them... etc!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. HILARIOUS STORY!!! So cute! I'm still chuckling! :o)


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