Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Update Update Update...Wow!!

Well..things have certainly MOVED fast since I last posted...In one day we were told I would have to have another night in ICU...to them changing their mind and sending us to a regular room where I got to hold my baby boy for the first time in days....We certainly enjoyed our stay in our regular room on the "critical care" floor...it felt like a fine hotel compared to ICU!! My kids got to visit us...friends came by..I could eat in the room and I just sat around holding my little man WHOSE personality and energy was coming back fast.....We even went and visited my friend Gwen and Maggie down the hall....they had head surgery too by the same surgeon...we've been friends for years..such a cool coincidence that we were there together:
We had a good night....and my boy was up early wanting to walk the hall ways...He still had IV's in each foot so they didn't want him walking on those legs quite yet..but it was HARD to keep him still...He was eating and laughing and having a GREAT time....it was a REMARKABLE turn around:
Then...one team came in to evaluate him saying we should get out on time on Thursday...a few hours passed..then a second team came by to say they thought he had progressed enough to go on HOME!!! HUH?? I was shocked to say the least...we had just been in ICU the day before...but they said he met all the requirements:
He was up and moving on his own
He was keeping down bottles and solids
His personality was back
His blood work finally came back as NORMAL
No more fever
He didn't need his pain meds anymore
AND...he was trying to climb out of the bed..which wasn't safe...SO..they said we could do the REST of our healing at home..and they sent us home...seriously...I was shocked..but OH SO HAPPY:
He still has LOTS of swelling and that will be around for a while...but there was nothing more they could do at the hospital..so we came home 3 days early...WOW...I know it was ALL the prayers..he did a complete turn around in about 12 hours!!

**Being home is certainly NOT EASY...but still OH SO GLAD to be here!! Wow...I am the Helicopter Parent if there's ever been one!! I have to keep one hand on him at all times MAKING SURE he's not falling and bumping his head....He was never very stable before surgery..but he was still walking full time and falling about 10X a day....NOW his head is still swollen and it is making walking even that much harder..SO..I walk behind him holding on to him to make sure he NEVER falls...Yes, my back hurts and i'm exhausted...but Praising God he's home and this will some day be all behind us:
So, we're 5 days out of surgery..and my baby boy certainly feels back to his old self EVEN IF he has LOTS of swelling to still lose....
He's back to laughing all the time...we climbed up and down the stairs more times today than I can count...He's giving me kisses all the time and we have certainly made up for those awful days where I couldn't hold him!! :)

*So, we have a two week period now where he can't go into public settings...the risk of infection is too great. He can't get his head wet for 2 weeks..and he can't sweat either cause that would cause moisture all around his incision area too...SO, we're stuck inside for a while..which is O.K....I'm sure I'll get used to it eventually!! :)

*I can't thank you ALL enough for your prayers during this scary and emotional time!! If it didn't invade my son's complete privacy I'd post the pics right after surgery JUST 5 days ago next to those TODAY!! God certainly does HEAL...that is for sure!! My baby boy has come a long way in 5 days and I can't thank you all enough for the support and comments and emails and around the clock prayers!! Thank you, thank you!!

Additional Prayers: praying against infection..and praying that THIS surgery heals my son and no other surgeries are required...there is the small chance that he may need additional surgeries...Oh, it would break my heart...praying THIS ONE did the trick!! And, praying he doesn't hurt or bump his head during this healing period...I'm a nervous wreck with all the little children running around that he's gonna get hurt..praying for his safety too!!

**I'll give another update soon...my boy STILL must sleep in a car seat for a while to keep himself from rolling or being flat...so I don't have much peace or many breaks right now since he wakes about every 30 minutes and has to be consoled since he HATES the car seat!! :) Be back soon.... So thankful to have this surgery OVER!!! God is Good!! Happy Tuesday to you all, kj


  1. PRAISE GOD! Kristi...this is so amazing! I can't believe he is home! That is awesome.

    I will continue to pray for all of the things you listed. And also praying for you.

    Love, Linda

  2. So happy for you. I have been praying. I am always amazed at how resilient kids are. Our precious adopted son was born with a club foot and though our issues were minute compared to head surgery, he had to wear a cast from his hip over his foot for 10 weeks and then have his Achilles tendon cut and wear shoes with the metal bar between, which he still sleeps in. (He is Wes' age). I was always amazed at how well he adapted to the casting and the shoes. As hard as itis to see them hurting it is what has to take place for the healing they need. I believe God offers them a special measure of comfort, and us Mama's too! Hang in there, prayers are coming your way.

  3. Oh I am so happy you are home! Praying for a restful uneventful week with God's healing!!!

  4. Ok I'm going to try and make another post and pray my iPhone does not auto correct so it sounds like I'm from another planet. Im so happy you are home he is looking great a bit of swelling but great. I will pray that your two weeks inside goes quickly and cabin fever does not set in. It's a Long time but nothing in the scheme of things. What a brave little boy. So much in such a short little life. Thanking GOD that you found each other.

  5. Oh my goodness, so surprised and excited that ya'll are already home!!! Praise God for his quick recovery! Will keep praying for ya'll as you are still recovering at home! Sounds like it will be challenging but I know God will give you the strength! So glad to see his sweet face!!!

  6. Praise God! So thankful that your sweet little boy could have this surgery and already be well on his way to recovery. The pictures are worth a thousand words. Praising God with you! May He cover you with extra grace and strength for the recovery process, in Jesus' name.

  7. Wow, considering everything your sweet boy has been through, he looks great. Continued prayers for healing etc. I was on Gwen's blog earlier today and we lifted up prayers for her precious girl as well!! God is good!!!!

  8. so thrilled he is home - praying for this healing time!!

  9. What an answer to prayer! God is amazing!!! I am so happy Wes can be home with you and your family. We will continue to pray against infection.

  10. We will continue to pray for little Wes!!!

  11. amazing!!! so glad he is HOME and healing well. thank you lord!

  12. Praise God!! This is a fantastic update. Big Hugs and continued prayer for all of you as you walk through this healing process.

  13. Kristi,
    Glad you are home. So funny to just walk into the room and see a face I knew. Honestly, considering the floor I work on, it is a blessing that this rarely happens. I am glad you are home. I always feel bad for the parents that NEVER get to sleep while at VCH. Just a random thought, is he too big for an AMBY Bed? Maybe one of your friends has one you could borrow? Google it, there might be a weight limit. Or a baby swing. I assume it is the restraints you need. Just hoping for some rest for you and the little man. So glad he is recovering so quickly. Hope to NOT see you soon (at work at least). Ha! Prayers!
    Abby Peterson (Keeley's friend)

  14. I'm so happy you are home Kristi and with Wes in your arms!! I'll be praying for the healing process to be peaceful and go well. Also that is can go quickly with total 100% healing!


Thank you for your kind words!!