Friday, July 29, 2011

Thank you for your Prayers....UPDATE...

The news was: today's court hearing WAS NOT a success....BUT...the good news is....the judge has agreed to hear my sister's case AGAIN on Wednesday, August 3rd..which is Tuesday night our time!! This in itself is a HUGE blessing since the courts are packed right now and the courts are predicted to close NEXT FRIDAY (the 5th)!! So...they have agreed to give them another shot BEFORE the closure of the courts for the season...PRAISE GOD!!!! I'm so grateful that our agency is working SO HARD on my sister's case and that they were successful in getting her another court date BEFORE rainy season closure!!! So....even though it wasn't the news we all wanted to hear today...we're still praising God that they have one more chance!! And, don't worry...I'll remind YOU ALL to hit your knees again Tuesday night to pray Little "T" HOME to my sister and her family!!!! We'll just all be heart broken IF he must live in an orphanage for extra unnecessary months during the courts break!! :( Praying that just doesn't happen....Praying for a miracle Tuesday night!!!

Thank you all for your emails and prayers and comments for my sister's little boy....we all just can't wait to have him home!! And, I know God can move these mountains and make it happen!!! I'll keep you posted..and sorry it took me all day to post...I seriously can't get to the computer with my 6 littles home all day...I have to at least get half of them to bed to EVEN try to post anything these days..and I post with one little in my lap who refuses to let go of Mommy these days!! :) More soon...thanks again for your support, and Happy Friday to you all, kj


  1. Praying! Thanks for the update!!!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  2. Oh sorry. Missed your last post..... PRAYER WARRIORS AT THE WRIGHT HOUSE ARE ON IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRAYING for those MOUNTAINS TO BE MOVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Bad news BUT good news like you said! Thank you for letting us know. I know that I do not post often (actually maybe once or twice I have over the last 2 years of following!) but I really felt like I wanted you to know that I shall be praying for your sister. I have two sisters whom I love so much and I know what it is like when your heart just yearns for them to have their hearts desire. All in God's time and there must be a reason for the delay. God's delays are NOT God's denials, they just cause our faith to grow!


  4. Darnit! Well... I'll be praying!!! ;)

  5. Praying for your families and that sweet baby boy who needs to come home! How long do the courts close for. A friend of my sisters is waiting to get their court date there. They were hoping this summer but it does not look that it will be until the fall. They have a baby girl waiting for them to come get her!


Thank you for your kind words!!