Thursday, July 21, 2011

One Week Post Op

Well we are ONE WEEK POST SURGERY and doing well. Wes has his complete energy and personality back which is great...BUT..he's busy and on the go FAST!! And, I have to keep ONE HAND on him AT ALL TIMES to make sure he doesn't fall and bump his isn't easy!! :) Different friends are bringing meals which is nice..and the hubby is back at work which leaves me with 6 darling little faces every morning wondering WHAT we're doing for the day!! And, since Wes can't be around other people for at least 2 weeks...well...the kids get creative around the house...Yesterday they took EVERY blanket and pillow in the house and made a giant PIT to jump in from the couches!! AND, since it is over 100 degrees here...we can't let Wes outside either cause he just sweats too much which gets his incision wet...which is a HUGE NO NO!! So, we're INSIDE TOO...but...the kids got creative with the camera this morning and captured some shots of me chasing Wes around the house:His eye that got lots of surgery is slowly opening up...but it still has a lot of swelling to lose....

And, yes those are dirty sweat pants i'm wearing...LOL...should have cropped that out of the pic...but there's nothing like being REAL!! ha I have 12 littles hands all day that like to wipe their dirty self on my pants leg....

Ok, for sure washing these pants and not choosing "black" next time...LOL...I didn't even notice the dirty hand prints until I uploaded these pics...too funny...but a true sign of my days:

Oh, just to put him down for one second is such a break for my back...but he only lasts a minute in the high chair cause when he's ready to get out...he'll bang his head on the back of the chair....we ALL run to get him out...HE KNOWS HOW TO GET OUR ATTENTION, LOL:

Oh, and I just LOVE that little swollen face!! HE's just truly the sweetest, most wonderful little guy in the world!! I could eat him up all day long!!

He's still up ALL NIGHT cause he HATES the car seat he's being made to sleep in...I called the Surgeon's office yesterday to ask EXACTLY how long we have to live like this...She said TILL MY FOLLOW UP APPT. ON AUGUST 15th....I had to deep breathe!! :) That some how seems YEARS AWAY!!! :) LOL

**Ok, so I know we'll all survive...just wanted to share some of our days with ya!! I really don't ever have too much to stress about on my blog...I really just don't find life in general too stressful...even with 6 young kids!! So..I thought I'd share with ya what I DO FIND HARD AT THIS MOMENT: and that is keeping one hand on a running toddler with a broken head while taking care of 5 other young kiddos ALL while getting no sleep!! :) Ok, so that's challenging LOL!! Gotta run..someone is going to wake from his nap any minute!! Happy Thursday to you all, kj


  1. Oh my goodness, Kristi, I seriously don't know how you are doing it!!! :) I think I would have to have like 2 friends over to help me out! Haha! So glad that God is giving you the energy to keep up! Still praying for ya'll!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, that sounds so exhausting! When you said Aug 15th for getting out of the carseat, I gasped. Hang in there. I'll be praying for you and Wes every night because anything that disrupts the sleeping routine is HARD!

  3. You ROCKED the dirty sweatpants and made the pictures (after Wes that is :))

  4. You are amazing. I can just feel your love for Wes jumping out from all of these pictures. A momma will do whatever it takes to protect her child. I totally understand that! It is so beautiful. But you will need some rest eventually. Praying for you and Wes...and the rest of the fam!

    Love, Linda

  5. I'm sure you've already asked this, or maybe not... but would a bouncy seat or something not work and even maybe be a little more comfy for him? Our 6 month old slept in her bouncy seat for the 1st 2 1/2 months of her life. :) Just a thought. I don't know the logistics on the carseat vs the bouncy... so it may not work for him.

  6. Uau kristi that sounds tiring....! But I am so glad little Wes is recovering well. that smile of his is just precious. I'm still praying for you all. just look at it like this: a month from now this time it'll be much better. Much love from Portugal. :)

  7. Hi Kristine!

    My name is Katharine Boucher and I am turning 15 on July 26th. I live in Rockport, MA and I am also going into the 10th grade. My really close friends first showed me your blog and the Lucy Lane video back a couple months ago because they know I want to open a Christian orphanage in Africa and I also want to adopt. I just have to say that you inspire me so much! I think all of your children are the most adorable things ever and I hope Wes gets better soon!

  8. We all knew it - but God is certainly showing it - YOU are truly the perfect Mamma for Wes. Your love and endless energy (even if you are draggin, you are making it work with smiles and laughter) is beyond compare. Praying for YOU that you find deep strength to make it to 8/15!

  9. You really have your hands full. But so glad to see that Wes is doing well! And I totally love your honesty in the sweatpants pics! : )

  10. Wow Kristie, God bless you I'm sure this is quite exhausting but worth it for your sweet little love. So glad to hear he's recovering quickly.

    You look awesome in those sweats!!

  11. I think you need an award for that - you know staying up all night, trying to keep a toddler from bumping his head...and having 5 other kiddos too!! :) Praying for you!!!!

  12. Oh Kristi,

    I know what it's like to not get to sleep all night and wake up to kids ready to go! I'm so sorry! Could Wes sleep in a baby swing? Our travel swing (aquarium one by Fisher Price) is big enough for a toddler...??It reclines a little or sits up. Does he have to sit straight up?

    I totally feel you on the black pants. I went out in a black dress with my family last night and had spots all over it! I didn't notice until I got into the taxi to go to the show we were going to. Nice, huh? That's llfe with small children!

    You look wonderful and Wes is cute as pie. This will pass, but oh how I'll pray it passes quickly!!!!

  13. Kristi,
    Praying that Wes continues to recover so well! he's such a sweet little boy, I love all the pictures, even the dirty pants, just goes to show that you're a Mama at work! I wanted to suggest the Fisher Price Rock and Play-It's an incline "cradle" that might help when it comes to sleeping! not sure if it's "approved" by the DRs or not, but it might allow you both to get a little extra sleep!!!
    Blessings to you and your beautiful family!

  14. Honey I am impressed you have on pants at all.

    I didn't mean that the way it sounded.

    I just mean I have looked down at my legs many a day past lunch and seen jammies. That's all.


Thank you for your kind words!!