Wednesday, July 27, 2011

This is For My Sister.....(and a few update pics)

Ok, PRAYER WARRIORS, BLOGGY FRIENDS, STRANGERS, PERSONAL FRIENDS, WHO EVER IS OUT THERE READING.........Please, please, please JOIN MY FAMILY in prayer TOMORROW NIGHT, Thursday, July 28th for a NIGHT OF PRAYER to bring my sister's son HOME!!! My sister went to court before I did back in March...she did not pass!!! Her case has been very complicated...and well...with out saying anything else that could jeopardise her case...her case will finally be heard again in Ethiopia TOMORROW NIGHT while we sleep!!

She is truly adopting the sweetest little toddler boy ever....I got to meet "T" in December:
And, of course, I got to visit with him again in May when I was there to pick up my Wes. I got "T" to hold his first cousin Wes in a pic for me: I had them translate that I was his aunt...and Wes was his first cousin....He said he understood!!

Oh, my heart hurts for this boy to have a family..and to FINALLY be out of an orphanage!! He's been there so long!! My sister has known her son for over a year now...and she still hasn't passed court!! This certainly has nothing to do with our agency...they have worked VERY hard on this was just a case with lots of bumps from the beginning!!! AND...PRAISE THE LORD the bumps should be worked out...and PRAISE GOD that their case is going to be heard on Friday Ethiopia time..which is Thursday night OUR TIME!!

So, would you please join me in praying that they FINALLY PASS COURT!! It is THEIR TURN!! It is "T's" turn to have HIS family come back for him!! It is hard to imagine what must be going through his mind...his family (my sister and hubby) went in March for their court date and were able to spend lots of time with him...and his mind...they haven't been back to get him!! Little "T" has met more of our family members than you can imagine...Aunt Kelly has been there a hubby (his Uncle ) went to visit him during our court date...and Cousin Lauren has lived in ET this summer visiting "T" every day!! He must think that every white person that visits is related to him some how!! LOL has been over a year...and it is HIS TURN TO GO HOME!!! Please, please , please pray they pass court tomorrow night...IF THEY DON'T PASS AGAIN...then they could get stuck in the Rainy Season Court Closure....which means they won't get to go to court again till OCTOBER..yikes!! Not sure my sister will survive...and we certainly can't survive her crying through every family function anymore...PLEASE LORD LET THEM PASS!!!

***I'll be updating with any news I hear...I so appreciate your prayers for her case...I KNOW the Lord moved mountains to get my son home quickly AND I know HE can do the same NOW for my nephew!!! Thank you so much in advance for your prayers and support for sweet little "T" and my sister, kasey!!

***Ok, so how about some cute updated pics for yall tonight?? Wes is doing great!! It's a slow process for the swelling to go down..but we think he looks a little better each week!! He's certainly feeling GREAT!! He's so happy all the time..and SO ENERGETIC!! I caught a few pics yesterday of LL and Wes having some fun together:
These two just crack me up...Wes has a big LOVE for Miss LL...
This is his new smile he likes to give now...he turns his entire head to the side to smile...such a cutie:
And, my favorite...Wes gives open mouth kisses..and LL loves to pucker up LOL!! Oh, I love my babies:
LL has learned to LOVE her baby brother too!! She's so funny...she is constantly talking about his "broken head" as she calls it!! :) She's still the same hoot she always has been...She informed me tonight that she wants her ears pierced!! I told her that SHE WAS ONLY TWO and that she had to wait till she was older...she didn't like that answer!! :)

***Thanks again everyone for your prayers....I'll post on Friday when we GOD WILLING hear good news for Little "T"!! Happy Wednesday to you all, kj


  1. Starting right now with prayers for your darling Sister and her little boy! I can't imagine how difficult it's been for her. Big hugs....So glad Wes is doing well. That smile is so infectious. Just love it. Praising God he is healing your boy. Prayers! Prayers! Prayers!

  2. Oh my goodness, those pics are adorable!!! And I will be praying for your sis and little T! I cannot even imagine having to wait that long! Praying that they PASS!!!

  3. Praying for that sweet boy and his family today/tonight. I met him in ET a couple of weeks ago with OH Team 1. Just precious.

  4. I will be praying! He looks precious, even with the hearts on his face!

  5. I met your sister and brother-in-law in the airport in DC when we were travelling to Ethiopia in March. I have been praying for them. I also met your sister Kelly in the airport in DC a few weeks ago when we finally travelled back to bring our kids home. The wait is so hard. May God answer these prayers that things won't be delayed until October.

  6. Praying for ur SIS and sweet baby T. Love those sweet kissey pics!

  7. Oh, praying. I have a friend in a very similar situation with a 7 year old. Satan's having a fantastic time in Ethiopia these days isn't he? But OUR GOD IS STRONGER!!!

    Oh LL - what a PRISS!!!! You are in so much trouble....

  8. praying still, hoping no news is good news...

  9. Any news? I am waiting to hear like many of us about your sister. She has so been on my heart and I can only imagine how much more difficult it must be knowing that your process went so quickly (although that was all the Lord to bring Wes home quickly!!!) I really pray that we get to see a praise report today!!


Thank you for your kind words!!