Saturday, July 16, 2011

Heading Into Night 3..update..

Well...I'll just say: This is NOT fun!! But trying to remember to PRAISE GOD that my boy is able to have this surgery..and that he made it through surgery great and THIS will all be behind us soon....BUT...I'd be lying if I said any of this ICU stay was pleasant...very nice people and harding working staff BUT my baby is mad that I can't hold him..mad that he must stay in a car seat and MAD that his hands can't be free to grab and rip all his tubing out....And VERY MAD that he can't open his eyes and see.... He's doing better this afternoon but it was a rough night last night...He still was throwing up today but he finally woke this afternoon without screaming and was able to peak open one eye and get a look at me...

Specific Prayers are:
That he'd find peace tonight and be pain free
That he'd actually sleep tonight and NOT try to constantly pull himself out of his carseat
That he'd stop throwing up his bottles
That his head will STOP draining so his drain tube from his head can be removed...I can't hold him until the tube comes out.
And, that his eyes would OPEN completely so we can move out of the ICU and into a regular room. The EYE OPEN rule is our golden ticket out of here...they won't let us leave the ICU until then...

**I will add that life sure is about perspective...I met a precious little boy that's fighting cancer..they've been here for months...he invited me to join his facebook sweet!! And, there are other children that I haven't met but that i can see all around me that have been here for months...and they may never go home!! Trying to count my blessings! I'm very blessed that my son will get to go home soon and lead a normal life some day (God Willing :) Thank you Lord for the precious little gift you brought me...I'll forever be grateful for my sweet, sweet son!! happy Saturday to you all, kj


  1. Praying for you all, especially little Wes's healing!

  2. I keep checking in to see how you both are doing! Will definitely pray for all of those intentions and especially quick healing!!!

  3. Kristi I am continuing to pray regularly for you. I cry each time I read an update. Just seeing little hints of your sweet boy in this state breaks my heart. I can't imagine... praying for all the things you listed!! Oh please open your eyes Wes!!! Even if nothing else happens tonight - I am fervently praying for the draining to stop... you NEED to hold him and he needs it too! I am sure your arms are just aching! Praying!!!!!!

  4. Praying for Wes, you and your family, and all the healthcare staff, too. It will all be over soon enough and healing and summer fun can begin for little Wes. God speed!

  5. Oh, how terrible for both of you that he's stuck in that carseat and you can't hold your baby. I'll be praying specifically for that tube to come out and his eyes to open.

  6. Praying for ya'll, Kristi! I know you are aching to hold him!!!

  7. Yes...praying the drainage will end soon and that you can hold him. Thanks for the update...good to see you smiling. God is in control...keep on trusting.

    Gob Bless!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  8. Lots of prayers coming your way! Thank you for keeping us updated!

  9. Praying for you now!
    Amanda Borgelt


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