Monday, August 1, 2011

A Great Video from the Latest Ordinary Hero Trip...

Pause the music at the bottom of my page and enjoy this wonderful slide show of pics from the latest Ordinary Hero Mission Trip...My friend Amy from made this after coming home from one of the OH trips that my older sister Kelly runs..... And, After going to Ethiopia 3X now myself, I LOVE seeing all the beautiful faces there that remind me SO much of my sweet 2 Ethiopian babes at home!! :) I can't wait to go on an Ordinary Hero mission trip myself some day... Hmmmm..might be a long time before the hubby lets me go back to Ethiopia!! :) ha
Enjoy and happy Monday to you all, kj


  1. Great video! LOVE the new and improved, updated blog page!

    Prayin' like crazy for your sister and family. Blessings, Denise

  2. Thank you for sharing it, friend. It was an amazing trip on so many levels.
    Love ya,


Thank you for your kind words!!