Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wes Goes To the Beach For the FIRST Time!!!

Just a little update from us...We are all doing great...especially Wes....He got to visit the Beach for the first time over fall break and I just HAD to share some of the cuteness....He loved it....

*Seeing the beach for the first time:
*Touching the Sand for the first time:
And, LL has been to the beach a BUNCH...but she loves it and is so excited EVERY time:
Our sweet Wes continues to amaze us.... He's truly a gift from God and witnessing him on the beach for the first time was such a treat to us all:
He was never scared a bit...he loved the waves, the sand, the water, the fish...everything....
He's the happiest boy you'll ever meet:
Oh, and not to mention that he has a slight obsession with LL...He is constantly pulling on her curls...She doesn't quite appreciate the pulling of the curls :)
Wes discovered he LOVED Sprite out of a bottle:

My Sweet 3 boys.....
My precious 3 girls....
And, from us all....Hope you all had a blessed Fall Break!!!! It is our favorite time to hit the beach....
***Happy Wednesday to you all, kj


  1. SO precious! I always love seeing pics of your cute family! So glad ya'll had a great beach trip!!! Can't wait til we have Caroline Faith at the beach for the first time one day!!!

  2. Ok that picture with the sprite bottle is too cute for words! Wow! What a wonderful, beautiful family.

  3. What gorgeous pics! Thanks so much for posting them. I've been wondering how you and big boy Wes has been lately, his recovery, swelling, doctor's opinions on his recovery. He looks great!! God bless your family :-)

  4. yay an update! :) glad to know everyone is doing so well! great pics!!!

  5. we LOVE the beach in the fall... no better time in my opinion :-) You have beautiful children!!!

  6. Awe!!! I LOVED seeing this post!! :) I know you guys had an amazing time at the beach! We just got back from the beach a week ago, and it made me wish our little girl was with us SO BAD! So, it was fun for me to see all of your little ones with you! :)

  7. You are so wonderfully blessed! Love the photos...looks like great family fun:)

  8. so good to have you back in blogland. i love seeing the pix from seaside. what fun!

  9. So sweet!!! I miss reading your blog and seeing your uplifting messages. Hope you come back soon!


  10. Such sweet pictures! Looks like everyone had a blast. What a fun 'vacation' for the day.

  11. What fun memories! So glad that Wes is doing soo well!! That last picture is beyond words.. so many blessings in one spot!!!


Thank you for your kind words!!