Monday, February 7, 2011

Pics from the Retreat....

I did manage to take a few pics this weekend at the Created For Care Women's Retreat I went to..I didn't get MANY pics...but I'll share the few I got..then a few other sweet friends have shared their pics too...thanks guys!!!

So, it was an amazing weekend...just simply WONDERFUL!! It was a women's retreat for all women that have a heart for orphan care and adoption...just a time to "get lifted in spirit", share our stories, and a place you could just feel VERY NORMAL all weekend!! :) So we arrived Friday night..and Yes, I brought ALL 3 of my girls..I couldn't help it...I had to bring someone after JUST being in this was perfect: (i think I was interrupting LL while she was attempting to draw:)We had so much fun Friday night meeting all kinds of blog friends...Seriously, it was just so NEAT to finally meet so many people IN PERSON!! My big girls were hungry, so we hit one of the hotel restaurants:It was so much fun bonding with my 3 girls all weekend...We did lots of nail painting and hair fixing in our hotel room...we ate WAY too much junk food and the big girls even swam in the hot tub OUTSIDE!!! There were a few other babies there..and my big girls had fun carrying them around!! :) I think LL felt a little jealous!! :)

**LL was her normal crazy self ALL WEEKEND:
I try to always say HOW NUTTY she is..but I'm sure some of the fellow "retreaters" were shocked at HOW CRAZY she could get...Seriously, the girl was a NUT all weekend...a good, wonderful, perfect little nut...but still NUTTY!!! :)
And, yes, she was treated like a celebrity all weekend...I had to remind everyone on the way home that we're ONLY this popular in this small adoption group...THIS IS NOT how the rest of the world knows us!! LOL The rest of the world doesn't know we even exist...and I'd like to kind of keep it that way!! :) Had to make sure they weren't going home too "big headed" !! :) LOL
Well, our first night went great...the room was so nice..and we hit breakfast in our PJ's the next morning:
LL continued to entertain those around us:

Then, Saturday afternoon, it was time for ME to take the stage...Yes, they asked me talk...Do ya know WHAT they wanted me to talk about: African Hair!! And, it was actually really fun...LL had fun on the stage I was getting ready to go on:

All 3 of my kids were excited to hear mom talk about HAIR:
And, yes, we ALL sported our Ordinary Hero tshirts:
As I talked, my kids kept snapping pics...

Well, the Hair Talk went well... I'm NO pro..I just shared what has worked for me so far...maybe i'll do a post on WHAT I SAID next for those that couldn't attend...

**And here are a few other pics that some fellow RETREAT Momma's shared..and just for the record..they had over 250 women come to this...oh, so much fun:

Below, Andrea that was in CHARGE of this entire thing:

I can't wait till next year's event!! And, here is one of the slideshows they showed...I missed almost everything since LL was so loud that we couldn't listen to the other speakers...but i was glad to see this slide show on youtube since I missed it originally...enjoy:

So, that's it!! Just a wonderful, relaxing weekend with my girls!!! :) My girls had so much fun that they said THEY'D NEVER MISS ONE OF THESE THINGS!! :) And, the boys had LOTS of fun at home with Daddy too...They did tons of 'boy things' !! :) Make sure yall sign up to come next won't be sorry. And, did an amazing job on this!! Happy Tuesday to you all, kj


  1. Well ... that video is enough to make me cry.
    Hope it becomes an annual tradition!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  2. Loved the slide show!!!!! I have been viewing nonstop the ppt of my boyx since coming home from court. It was nice to see pictures of others' kids. :-)

  3. LOVED getting to see ya'll again! And I would love it if you would do a post one day about the things you talked about at the haircare session! It was just so much to take in at one time! :) You did great with it though! Hope I have Caroline Faith with me at the retreat next year! :)

  4. I love that you brought all the girls! I may do that next year!! Can't wait to have one more girl home w/ us!! :)

  5. i'm so excited for you and your girls to have that experience. i would have loved to be there. your make up looks great, btw. and i love that you are clutching a diet coke in the pix...and that ll is grabbing it too.:)

  6. Awesome!!! Love that you got some girl bonding time in =)

  7. I would love to know what has worked for you concerning hair care! I have a 15 month old AA foster daughter, and I'm still trying to figure out a good routine. You hear so many different things!

  8. I'm so glad I got to meet you, and your girls too! Loved the hair care session. Looking forward to following your next adoption journey.

  9. I am sooo jealous I didn't get to go to this...I missed sign ups and then when I learned you were there and many others that I blog stalk, I was sooo disappointed...Next year, I WILL be there :)


Thank you for your kind words!!