Sunday, March 14, 2010

We Have Some Winners (and Ethiopian Air-Conditioning)

Hi All!!! We have some winners!! I had SO MUCH fun with this give away AND I thank Michelle SO MUCH for allowing me to be a tiny part of it!! Now that our adoption is complete (well, at least our first one :) I want nothing more than to help other adoptive families meet those financial goals!! I can't promise it will ALWAYS help, but I'm always willing to give it a try!! (and an fyi..if you've asked me ever to help ya and I didn't get back with ya...ask again, because I'm completely disorganized and VERY scattered and sleep I promise you weren't ignored on purpose :)

**So, with out any further are our winners tonight: (3 names were drawn at random)

1. Jill from Ok, so it is amazing HOW you think you are "blessing" someone else by giving them something FREE....BUT I was so blessed by going to this blog tonight and watching their VIDEO at the top of their adoption blog!! They have 4 adorable boys and are home with their Ethiopian baby girl now!! They just got home in Jan. and their video made me cry!! You gotta go check it out!! Congrats Ross family and thank you for blessing and inspiring ME tonight!!

2. This is a family adopting from Ethiopia currently!! They have three cutie kids already and are excited about becoming a family of 6!! They have a big heart and big dreams for their future child!! Such a sweet family...check them out! (oh, and i recently bought my 2 older girls their "Africa Peace Sign" tshirts in youth sizes!! I'll be sure to take a pic when they wear them this week.)

3. Meredith from This adorable girl has a HEART for Uganda!! She has returned recentely from a Mission Trip to Uganda where she was soul searching...She has returned with the desire to open an adoption program to teach the world about adopting HIV/AIDS orphans!! Her heart was touched by an infant with HIV in can read all about it by visiting her blog!! Her story so reminded me of the tshirt Michelle is selling: "I need Africa more than Africa needs me" SO TRUE!!!

***Congrats to you THREE....BUT A HUGE THANK YOU to YOU ALL for playing and leaving such sweet wonderful comments!! I know you blessed the socks off of Michelle!! You THREE need to email Michelle with your prize of choice and your address so she can mail these prizes to you!! You can email her at !! And, the rest of you can put your orders in for those awesome Glass Tile Pendants or her Tshirt by visiting her fundraiser blog at I truly thank you all from the bottom of my heart, and know by placing an order, you are truly helping another family bring home their Ethiopian necklace and tshirt at a time :)

***Ok, so WHY the title "Ethiopian Air-Conditioning"??? Because my Little Ethiopian Princess is quite obsessed with sitting and enjoying the cool air coming from the fridge!! Once again, some little person in our home left the refrigerator door OPEN and this is where I found LL........

She not ONLY seems to enjoy the COOL AIR, but she loves all the treats she finds in reach!!! Her favorite for this day would be the WHITE CHOCOLATE CHIPS!!! Wouldn't she make a GREAT "Nestle" commercial?? :)

OOPS....we dropped some...No worries....she'll pick every one of them up and eat them anyways!! You know, 5 second rule!!! :) above is the one leg in and one leg out look!!!

AND, finally..I never could get her to crack a smile at me...just being serious about eating her white chocolate chips!!! She knew she was on "borrowed time"..and someone would SURELY be removing her from her VERY FAVORITE spot VERY SOON!!! So, no smiles...just eating them as quickly as she could!! :) Funny girl!!!

***Thank you all again for playing and supporting Michelle and her family!!! You all are some wonderfully supportive and generous people!! Happy Sunday to you all, kj


  1. "ethiopian air conditioning" clever! still wiping away tears from the ross family video. love the tile necklace too.

  2. Haha!! Those pictures are adorable! She is just too cute! My Lily likes to sit in the fridge too....she says it's her playhouse. :D

    Congrats to the winners. I'm going to go watch that video now!

  3. Thank you so much Kristi!!! I am so grateful for the prize AND the plug for our blog and t-shirts! I have been meaning to thank you for ordering shirts from our website. My daughter came up with the shirt design that you ordered! You are the best at helping other adoptive that we will probably need to make two trips to bring our little one home, we will REALLY need to sell some shirts! Thanks so much!

  4. I love your heart for orphan care! We are praying about the timing to begin an Ethiopian adoption through AGCI. When the time comes, I will be hitting you up for support :-) Your Lucy is precious.

  5. Your baby girl is ADORABLE!! She very easily could be in advertising for Nestle and anything else for that matter!! Enjoy reading and learning from your blog.

  6. Adorable.
    LL is looking too BIG!
    Cannot wait to check out all these links!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  7. Aaaahhhh.... You're killin' me with the videos! I need to invest in the Puff's company. lol :) Awesome new links, thanks for sharing! ♥ Congrats to all your winners.

    LL is just too stinkin cute. I'm lovin' seeing her hair growing out. Anxious to see all her new doos soon!

  8. How precious! She's a girl after my own heart - chocolate. She could definitely sell some chocolate chips for Nestle!

    Hoping to check out the other blogs soon, as well as order some new adoption shirts. Love helping others bring home their kiddos!

  9. wow, your fridge looks just like mine :) LL is so sweet, she has gotten so big. Thanks for all your support, you inspire us all!!!

  10. I was so shocked to see my name on your blog! I seriously never win any kind of contest! Thank you for your heart for adoption and for helping another adoptive family! A few of my friends and I already have adoption on our hearts and we can't wait to have our own stories one day! Thank you for the giveaway and I will email Michelle very soon!

  11. Smart girl, white chocolate is my favorite!

  12. YEAH!!! I'm soooo excited!!! Kristi I can't EVEN tell you what an encouragement you've been to me. Seeing sweet LL with your family - it kept reminding me that the wait would be worth it! We keep pinching ourselves that God would pick us...little ol' us...for SUCH an INCREDIBLE blessing! Our bio boys are fabulous...but little Ellie - she's beyond words :)

    You watched my video....I am so honored!!!

  13. Kristi, if you get the urge to do another giveaway, please let me know! We have some cool tshirts too. Thanks!


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