Thursday, December 23, 2010

Update on Sibling of 4...and my visit to HH!!

Well, i'm going to attempt to bust out a post in about one minute FLAT!! :) That's about ALL the time i have these days...It's something about being gone a week...arriving to the Christmas Holiday in full swing...two out of five of my littles are down with fever (nice welcome home for me :) AND...I'm dragging all my littles around town as I gather some "certain" paper work....Stay tuned...I'll be making our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT SOON...Maybe it would make a good New Year's Day Post...Hmmmmmm...we'll see!! :)

** I also wanted to take this minute and thank you from the bottom of my heart for advocating for the sibling group of 4 that were in my last post!! I've heard of a few different serious inquiries...but for various reasons...nothing has worked out for them PRAYING!! I did my post, my sister, kelly, did her post on her OH blog, and she also blasted out her "speak up" emails to advocate for them too....I've heard of LOTS of folks passing all this I TRUST and KNOW that God will make it land in the correct hands and heart!!! Praying until they are HOME!! :)

***I also wanted to tell you about my visit back to LLM's orphanage Hannah's Hope!! Oh, it is SOOOO nice!! Hannah's Hope has actually moved buildings since LL was I took this rare chance of being in ET to go and visit and see the new HH:
Oh, I loved being back. Even though it is in a new building, the director, Almaz, is the same...and so are most of the nannies!! I saw ALL of LL's old nannies and got to share her pics too:It was wonderful talking with Almaz again...She is a wonderful person doing an amazing job!! She'll laugh at me telling this story...but...while we were there, she ran her finger along the wooden banister upstairs and discovered "dust"...she called to one of her workers to make sure it GOT CLEANED RIGHT AWAY!! She made us take off our shoes before entering and we had to disinfect our hands BEFORE ever touching a child!! Things run very smoothly there and it is all because of her hard work... So...if you are one of my AGCI in knowing that your kiddos are in GREAT hands...I witnessed them being pampered like always: oil massages while out in the sun, nannies rushing to babies cause no one is ever allowed to be left crying, babies and children being fed everywhere..and lots of love and kisses being given on EACH child!! It's a breath of fresh air in Ethiopia!!

Also, Almaz told me about TWO sets of waiting children they have right now...One is THIS precious 7 year old girl with HIV:

She might have been the cutest, sweetest little thing EVER!! I can not show her face since she is NOT YET adopted...but you can email or call someone at AGCI to get more info on her if interested!! She looked more like a 6 yr. old to me..but Almaz says she's too smart..she must be more like 7!! Trust me...she is a doll!! Even Almaz loved all over her and talked about HOW MUCH SHE'LL miss her when she is gone!! She never quit smiling and looked adorable in my LL's hair bows...did yall notice that I spread LL's hair bows all over Ethiopia...we had enough to go round!! :)
Well, i've had to walk away from this post at least half a dozen times to tend to gotta rap this up...I also wanted to tell yall about the brothers we met and played wth at HH too...Two adorable brothers..ages 8 and 4!! They are healthy and on target for their age. My sister kelly got tons of pics of them...but I wasn't taking pics while I was, also call AGCI if you are interested in learning more about the "brothers". They had reserved, sweet personalities and big brother was very protective and caring of little brother. They'd make a wonderful addition to anyone's family!! :)

**Gotta run... Thanks again for spreading the word and advocating for these children.....together I know we can make a difference!!

*Happy Thursday to you all, kj


  1. New Years post?! How can we wait that long?!

  2. That 'Certain paper work' is hard to come by at times but OH, SO worth it :)

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Oh my goodness, I can't wait to hear the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! And I really hope everyone is feeling better soon!! Merry Christmas to ya'll!!

  4. Thanks for lovin' on our "high maintenance" little love while you were visiting!!! Can't wait to hear this announcement!!!
    Merry Christmas,

  5. So excited about your post! Praying for the 4. I have asked my husband to pray about them... would love to have them with me!!!! Praying hard for all involved~

  6. OOOH those sibling boys.. makes me want to get my hands on my very own sibling boys next month! YEAH!! for bio sibs. :-)

  7. can't wait, can't wait, can't wait to hear the news!

  8. Certain paper work? Psh, you are sooo paper pregnant!

    And thank you from this AGCI mama for telling us what the conditions are like at HH. It's so reassuring to know our baby will be loved before he gets home.

  9. I can't wait to hear why you're gathering paperwork!! :):)

    Those kiddos are the sweetest!! I wonder if you saw my little man while you were there. He's 3 months old on Sunday and has an IV port in his head from being so ill. I'd love to send you an email w/ his name and picture if you think you might have seen him. :)

    Just let me know when you have time!



  11. Yeah, Kristi~ "certain paper work". Whatever, it was always a matter of time! (I'm just a loyal blog stalker and evern I know a paper pragnant Mama when I hear one ;) Your pics all made me weep - what a gift to visit such beautiful children.
    Merry Christmas!!! Esty

  12. Love reading about your trip! You might need to me with your announcement, not sure I can wait! :)

  13. Oh, Kristi, I'm soaking up your words and photos from HH. We've been on AGCI's waitlist for almost 4 months (girl 0-3 or boy/girl sibs) and we are soooo thankful HH is such a loving place! Can't wait to hear your news!!!

  14. I don't think I can wait til New Years for the Big NEWS!


Thank you for your kind words!!