Friday, December 3, 2010

Another Flitterbug...and Christmas Came Early...

I just have to show yall ANOTHER Flitterbug dress that Julie sent me....Oh, MY!!!! I love it SOOOO!!!!
Julie, I can't thank you enough for this one....I could never in a million years put fabrics together..but Julie can just whip it out...
LL loved her new little dress...and I took the two littles up to each lunch at school with the 3 bigs today....and everyone there LOVED her little Christmas dress....
I know we will be putting this little dress and her OTHER Flitterbug outfit to GOOD use this season....Thanks Julie for making my baby girl so fashionable this Christmas season!! :) (and fyi..yall can own a Flitterbugs outfit too...all proceeds goes towards her adoption )
Then Christmas arrived early at my house tonight (and yes, LL wasn't wearing a shirt...she had JUST had dinner and had spilled stuff all over her so I took it off :)
Can yall believe someone actually sent my 5 children this box of presents tonight?? Yes, they really did...and they aren't even related to us!! LOL My kids about passed out when this box arrived, they opened it and found out that one of LL's friends sent it to them....
LL thought her doll looked just like her...
LL was a tad bit excited...She loved her new doll and dragged the box around until someone would open it for her.....And, here she is being VERY silly...She covers her nose now when I try to wipe her "runny" nose:

Baby 'Lucy Lane' is out of the box (that is what she was calling her) Check out their hair...don't they look alike...And seriously, have yall ever seen such tight coiled little curls on a child before?? Every where we go, people feel the urge to grab those little worm like curls and stretch them to see them POP back into exact place!! So funny...I sooo LOVE her curls!!!!Ok, Lucy Lane....blow a kiss and thank everyone for your awesome treats you received today:
Gotta LOVE those lips!! And, seriously...we are SO undeserving of the kindness we receive...JUST KNOW we are VERY grateful and humbled by people's generosity...Completely blows my mind!!! :)

***That's ALL for this friday night...My kids are IN HEAVEN playing with their new unexpected toys....It sure made for GREAT entertainment on this friday night when we had nothing planned :) Thanks again Flitterbug and Kristy and Little Joselyn!! Yall are WAY too good to us,
Happy Friday to you all, kj


  1. My daughter has hair exactly like your LL. What on earth do you use to get it to look so cute?!

  2. I bought that same doll for my E recently! Love it. A friend of mine has a mom who makes ET girl dresses for dolls that size, so that is what she wears now. It is rare to find dolls with hair like our girls' hair (E's is just like LL's) so I try to buy dolls with little curly fros as much as I can!

  3. So cute!! And I love the little doll that looks just like Lucy Lane! Too precious!!

  4. oh kristi! LL is just a DOLL!! i love her hair! Amara's texture seems to be changing - thicker, a little more coarse. I can't believe our girls are already 2!!!!


Thank you for your kind words!!