Monday, December 27, 2010

Let It Snow....

Well, it continued to snow around here through out the day on Christmas and some the next day too....ALL the kids woke early the DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS to hit the hills with their new sleds Santa had brought them..They thought it was SO COOL that Santa KNEW it was going to snow on Christmas.....

LL ventured to the door...but decided she DIDN'T like the cold very much....
She's really NOT into shoes much either...I mean..don't get me wrong...she likes to try them on ALL day...but actually keeping a pair of shoes on her feet is a TRUE miracle around our home...LL strips her shoes every chance she gets....So, holding her boots out in the snow wasn't working for her....
BUT everyone else enjoyed the snow....My George man only lasted about 10 minutes and figured that LL must be the smartest one in the house for STAYING inside...and he came and joined her too....
They realized that watching from the window was WAY MORE COOL!!! :)
And, it actually snowed last week too while I was in Africa...I was sweating while walking the streets carrying a heavy backpack..and my kids were at home playing in the snow....crazy
So, glad it decided to snow again for ME so I could enjoy it too!!!

**So, Today's Monday....Christmas decorations are DOWN and packed back up (kind of sad to see them go) and.....hitting the ground running again today!!! :) Praying our Christmas Card pic looks a little different next year......happy Monday to you all, kj


  1. Wow. We had a few flakes all day coming down, but nothing could stay on the ground. Parts of SC did get snow, but we are too close to the ocean I guess.... Next year.......

  2. A boy next time? They look cute in big hair bows, too ... but only at home :)

  3. Love all the pictures. So glad you guys had a great Christmas. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

  4. Can't wait to see who is in your card next year:)

  5. SERIOUSLY! I can't take the suspense ANY MORE!!!


  7. you tease! ;) older child this time or another sweet baby?!

    We've had snow and cold here (but we're used to it!) lots of sledding has taken place our way too. Just too much fun to pass up! Looks like your kiddos had a blast! Even if some of them watched from the sidelines. ;) lol

  8. Love all the snow! We just had a few flurries here in central MS! So impressed you already have all your decorations put up! :) Can't wait to hear the news!!


Thank you for your kind words!!