Tuesday, December 14, 2010

finally have some internet...went to the Hilton..


Finally...i hope this works...  Just can't begin to tell you HOW amazing and wonderful this trip has been...seriously...every moment is spent running from orphanage to orphanage, driving children around (carried 6 children on my lap for 7 hrs. yesterday returning them from the south...and yes, they were car sick) , and helping my sister photograph all the waiting children (plus some already chosen..so they can see new pics of their children)....We are going on no sleep...but you just don't care here...around every corner there are more arms to hug, more noses to wipe and little eyes staring at you asking, "are you my mommy"  These children are desperate for a family...they hug and kiss you and beg you not to leave...they hold on for dear life praying you won't leave...Their eyes that fill with water when you leave is enough to break your heart in two...I just say over and over again, "your mommy and daddy are coming...your turn will be soon"  for some that is true...for others...it's not!!  I've hugged and carried around little ones until i'm so dirty with snot and dirt that i just plain stink :)  Oh, how they all need love..and they so deserve it!!

  One orphanage we visited today was the OLD Hannah's Hope where LL came from...it has since moved buildings...but being there again was so surreal...It gave me chills to pull up to those old gates again..it was so different now..but still a lovely warm place to be. 

I was also able to LOVE on my new nephew today (kasey...will email you next with all the details)  Oh, he's the best thing since slice bread :)  seriously, wonderful little boy!! loved him. 


Waiting children are being placed as we are here from the pictures being posted...Praise be to God!! Some of these children having been waiting a long time...such a miracle to take a good pic of them..then wham..they have a family!!! 


The coffee is still the best thing here...hunger and poverty still reak havoc on this precious country...but the Ethiopian happiness always shines through....Please pray for the many orphans still waiting...they are everywhere...I've witnessed 3 bodies being carried out of huts...no funeral home to take them...just family and friends burring their own!!  Which only mean..more and more children in need of new homes at all times...It can be overwhelming..but everyone must remember that you can change the world for that one child...but you don't have to change the entire world!!!  For that child...you have changed their world!!  I love Ethiopia and I'm so happy to be here experiencing all this...but I do miss my family and can't wait to hug their little necks soon :)  Kora is tomorrow..so stay tuned :)


happy tuesday to you all, kj


  1. Loving reading about your time in ET. I'd love to see pictures of the old HH now. A very special place for my family, that's for sure!

  2. Kristi- praying for you and your family while you are gone. I'm so happy your meeting with Lucy's birth mother turned out so well. Safe travels!

  3. Can't stand it! You are so lucky to be with these kids! God Bless you for giving your love to them. I want to learn more!


Thank you for your kind words!!