Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oh, I've had fun making these picture books to take with me to Ethiopia IN TWO DAYS!!! AHHHHHH!!!!! Can't believe I'm getting ready to leave....BUT...I took a year and a half of pics and put them into a few picture books to take back with me...and it only took me HOURS to do since I had SO MUCH FUN reminiscing over HOW MUCH LL has changed since we brought her home....
*Here she is at Chic fil a when she had ONLY been home 2 or 3 days:
Here she is ONE MONTH home:
And, ABOUT 3 months home....Gotta LOVE those yummy rolls:
And...NOW HOME 1 and 1/2 years THIS MONTH:
She's a FULL RUNNING 2 Yr. old toddler girl that LOVES me passionately and can throw a dramatic fit better than anyone I know!! It's so cute when she throws herself down that it is hard to ever take her seriously. She LOVES to cry (like above) when she doesn't get her way, then she hits the floor with her hands covering her face and fake cries with the BEST of them!! Just too darn cute!! :)
But she can also put JUST AS MUCH energy into her love, hugs, kisses, dancing, singing talking, and all about spunk around our home!! I just happen to think she's (along with my other 4 babies) amazingly perfect!!! :) AND, while I'm in Ethiopia visiting with this beautiful child's birth mom....LL will be back home celebrating her 1 1/2 yr. HOME anniversary!!! Can't believe its been that long...AND..I can't imagine LEAVING her in two days!! We've NEVER been apart since she's been I KNOW this will be a shocker for the both of us!! I'll be sure to post LOTS of prayer requests tomorrow check back in with us BEFORE I head out on friday!!! :)

**And, THANKS so much for all the GREAT ideas in the last post...You guys seriously gave me so many questions and ideas that I had never thought of yet!! I truly appreciate each and everyone of you guys taking the time to comment!!! Oh, and ONE last pic:

*This is what it has been doing around here:
My kiddos have had so much fun out in the "dusting" of snow:
It has been unusually cold for our part of the world...Highs in the 20's and low 3o's every day!! Won't 72 degrees and sunny feel fab this ENTIRE next week?? Definitely excited to be flying towards warm weather!! :) I'll try to get ONE more post in before we fly stay tuned...and Happy Wednesday to you all, kj


  1. Praying you have an awesome trip!

  2. I hope you have an amazing trip.

  3. So excited about your trip!!! Can't wait to read all about it!

  4. OOOO- SO excited for you, but know it will be hard as well. PRAYING!!! For you, for safety, for your babes at home, for your amazing hubby, and birth mom too!!!!!!

  5. So excited to hear and see pictures from your trip! I have already been praying for you and Kelly and the team going! So excited what God will do! Maybe you will see our child on the trip who we don't even know yet but maybe... praying...



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