Sunday, April 18, 2010

What A Weekend: Softball, B-days, and Showers!!

We kicked the weekend off bright and early Saturday morning by going to 3 back to back softball games...Above, is my biggest girl!! She looks so tough in her "catchers" gear!! I had gotten up at the crack of dawn with LL (which is her new lovely trick to get up SUPER early :) Anyways..I knew we were going to have a CRAZY day, so I spent the morning (the dark morning since the sun wasn't even up yet :) making Home made Chicken Salad for today's shower...which I'll tell ya about in a few minutes :)
After 3 games and a race around town to pick up cake, balloon, more food,etc. for the shower today....We headed to Kentucky for Poppy's 83rd bday dinner on Saturday afternoon (Poppy is my father in law :) Above, LL was chillin with Poppy and BELOW, she had planted herself on Jules (my MIL) and just kind of froze was too funny....She usually cries if anyone else touches this was big for LL!!! Frozen baby is better than screaming baby :)

The kids had fun in Kentucky playing with their Cousin Alec who was in town too for Poppy's bday!! Yes, they have 14 first cousins on my side and 1 on the hubby's side!! This just makes Cousin Alec EXTRA special to us!! :)

Poppy blowing out his candles....and this is too close to George's bday...He decided the cake was for him too!! So cute!!! Happy B-day Poppy and thanks for the great dinner Jules!!

*** on to the Ethiopian Adoption Shower:
Yes, today I hosted a shower for a WONDERFUL friend that I posted about a while back that also decided to adopt from LL's same orphanage, Hannah's Hope!! They've since gotten their referral for 3 1/2 yr. old "G"!!! He is soooooo cute..and I was soooo excited to celebrate with this family today at our home!!

So, I think my cake turned out well this time!! Publix did it and I think they did a GREAT job!!!

Vanessa (G's soon to be new momma) had a HUGE turn out...not surprising...She's a wonderful person and this is a wonderful family!!! So super excited for them.......

Lots of AGCI'ers came out to support!!! It was a lot of fun!!! Amy and Rachel above...Amy is and Rachel has a private blog!!

Above, Vanessa, got so many cute boy things!! Isn't she just glowing with Adoption Pregnancy!! :) They will call their new son "Sam"!! Looks like he has a back pack all ready for Mom and Dad to come and get him!!

I always serve my coffee punch!!! Everyone always loves it (it is almost all gone above)....So here is the recipe off the top of my head:
*Brew 12 cups reg. coffee
*Add about a cup of sugar into hot coffee and let it dissolve
*Add a little Vanilla
*Pour into pitcher and add chocolate milk to the top of your pitcher and refrigerate over night or until cold...
*Then, put a full container of coffee ice cream in bottom of punch bowl (i think Breyers has the flavor)...pour pitcher of coffee mixture over it, add rest of chocolate milk (Ok, so I used half gallon size of choc. milk)
*Stir and break up ice cream a little....then plop some cool whip or Ready Whip on top to make pretty :) Sooo super yummy!!

I also served my Ethiopian Coffee!!! So good!!!

I was so excited when LL's new little friend arrived...Baby "T"!!

Me posing with Vanessa, and LL still not sure she was ready to wake up yet!!!

LL and Baby "T" got in some play time!! These two together just melt my heart!! He is a little older than LL and just came home from Ethiopia!! Isn't he just gorgeous with those big beautiful eyes!!! He is from the same orphanage as LL.... They were so cute together!!

Yes, they were having quite the fun with my collection of walking sticks!! And, I do believe LL jabbed him once in the belly, but hey, he'll love her some day playing "hard to get"!!! :)
***That was our weekend and I'm still not cleaned up...but oh well...there's always tomorrow!!! :) Thanks for stopping in and PLEASE pray for Vanessa and the rest of the Bonner family as they go to court Tuesday night!!! PLEASE say a prayer that they PASS the first time for Little Sam "G"!!! I know they can't wait to make this cutie their official son!! Happy Sunday to you all, kj
Ps...just read this on my sister's Ordinary Hero blog....Please visit and pray for Lane Ann at She is 'family' to a friend of ours here in TN, but lives in Kentucky where I'm from!! Be changed!!!


  1. Looks like a wonderful weekend. I'll definitely say a prayer for Vanessa and family.

  2. You continue to amaze me!
    You get more done in a day than most of us in a week.
    What a fun weekend full of grand celebrations!
    I've had your chicken salad and just reading about it makes my mouth water. And yum ... now I am dying to try your coffee punch!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  3. Said a prayer for the Bonner family!! :0)

  4. ll frozen in the arms of what a fun celebration for little sam. ll and baby t are darling together!

  5. I just may have to try that coffee punch! Num :)

    Adorable family, you guys sure know how to have fun!

  6. So much fun! As always, you are the hostess with the mostess... Thanks for everything. See ya this week.

  7. I forgot to tell you I have a giveaway this week I think you would love. Check out my blog.

  8. what fun!! I wish I lived in TN so I could visit with all you wonderful ladies! :)

  9. You guys are great, I wish I lived in TN too, I'd love to be surrounded by an amazing bunch like you guys.
    Blessings :)

  10. So exciting! I must say Lucy is absolutley adorable :)

    Our homestudy is almost done (This wednesday :D) and now were onto fundraising, we designed our own shirts to sell so if you would like yet another adoption T- Shirt let us know ;) haha Any advise on selling our shirts? We havent had much luck yet :/

    Allison (Big Sister 3)

  11. Sounds like a great group of support in TN. We are fellow AGCI'ers and are just getting our dossier/homestudy approved by AGCI. Excited to move to the waiting list! It has been awesome to see God work His plan as He has moved our hearts toward adoption. He is good!


Thank you for your kind words!!