Thursday, April 22, 2010

Some Great Shout-Outs!!

I've got some great SHOUT OUTS tonight for some families ALL raising money for their adoptions!!! These are hard working families BELIEVING that through the Lord ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!! They are working hard to come up with the money..and here are a few of the things I've heard about lately:

1. I recently heard about the Young Family's Fundraising going on on their blog: They have tshirts:
and many other things as well. I hope you'll check out this family of 7 as they add to their family through the miracle of adoption!!!

2. Next....we have some adorable Ethiopian bows from :
Plus, she has other bows and countries represented as well!!! So cute...I can't wait to get one for LL's hair!!!

3. Next we have some Photography Pendants at
She can customize these for you too!! Check out this cute family to help support their adoption!!
I also heard that a great tshirt is coming soon from this stay tuned!! :)

4. Next we have an adoption tshirt for a Peru Adoption!!! Yes, Peru!!! I learn something new every day in adoption blog land!! This adopting family would LOVE to sell you one of their adorable tshirts:
Above, we have the back of the shirt is really cute!! You can check it out and support this Peru Adoption by visiting

5. My friend Jody is raising money through her etsy shop for her upcoming mission trip with Ordinary Hero to Ethiopia!! I'm so excited that she has decided to join my big sis on her upcoming trip to ET and I would LOVE to help out in anyway that I can....You can see her stuff at and her blog is !!!! Her Ethiopian daughter is just too adorable!!!
Other news and updates:
***Praises going out for the Curly Headed Brothers that passed court this week!!! These sweet boys were the FIRST waiting children ever laid on my heart that I KNEW I had to advocate for on my blog!!! I LOVED them when I met them in Ethiopia while picking up Lucy lane...and now they officially have a family made final by Ethiopian court this week. The Nelson family will be traveling soon to get their new sons!! I can't wait to hear all about it!!!
***My friends The Bonners found out they did not pass court this first time...I posted about their shower I hosted this past Sunday...Please continue to pray for this family as they head back to court the week after next!!!
***Our next African Fellowship Group will be meeting this Sunday, April 25 at 4pm at Owl Creek Park!!!! Check out the Fellowship Blog to read more about it:

***And, prayers go up for the Lane Ann Miller Family as they grieve the loss of this beautiful woman of God!!! Her husband has written some beautiful posts about his sweet bride that are sure to put your entire life into perspective!!! You can find them at May God comfort this sweet family during this difficult time!!

And as always, Happy Thursday to you all, kj


  1. hey.. i think that first link has an extra i in the word family.. when you click it doesnt work. :)

  2. THANK YOU!!! you're the bomb! :)

  3. Thanks Heather..I just fixed it...I guess I should have checked my links :) thanks for letting me know, kristi


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