Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Comment(s) of the Week!!

Well, i must share our experience on Saturday while looking for a new cook top:
We were fixing lunch for the 5 munchkins on Saturday when POP...the cook top blew something and ALL the electricity in the house WENT OUT!! The hubby manages to get the electricity back on ONLY to see that the LARGE eye on the cook top is in full HIGH GEAR and NOT turning off...So...the only way to get it to turn off is to unplug the WHOLE THING from under the cabinet!! We unplug the thing and realize that after 8 years and LOTS of use..that it might be time for a new one....So we head out to the local Appliance Store to check them out!!!
**We, of course, have our 5 sweeties in tow and walk in "thinking" someone will hopefully sell us a new cook top quickly and then we'll be out of there....Well...up walks OUR sales person and first thing out of his mouth:
Sales Guy: "Wow, are yall trying to be the Gosselins or something?"
Me: "WHO?"
SG: "You know...Kate Gosselin?? Are yall competing with Kate Gosselin?"
Me: "No, i think she has us beat by quite a few!"
SG: (he starts counting my children) "1-2-3-4-5....No, she only has ya beat by 3"
Me: (I just smile and decide i'm probably not gonna like this guy :)
He continues to show us some cook tops letting us know that "THEY ARE VERY EXPENSIVE"! Again, I just smile and kind of ignore his bits on WHAT a big purchase this will be!! (i'm thinkin...do I look THAT bad today...do I look like I can't afford a cook top or something :)
After looking at a few cook tops, he goes on to say:
Sales Guy: "So, you all really need to research this first on a computer! I mean, do yall have a computer...Can you afford a computer after feeding this many mouths?"
Me: "uhhhhh, Yes, I have a computer!" ( i look and notice my hubby's face turning shades of red)
SG: "Yes, I guess you can probably afford a computer if you can afford to go to Seaside, Florida (and points at my sweatshirt I am wearing).
At this point, i can see the blood boiling in my hubby's face...He's about to let the guy have it, but he's keepin his cool UNTIL:
My 5 year old Hal goes up and opens up one of the ovens on display...
Sales Guy: "Son, don't open that, I keep lives snakes in those things."
Hal looks up at him like "I know that you are joking"
Sales Guy: "Don't think I'm joking son...I really do keep lives snakes in all this stuff."
My hal isn't amused and continues to open the door..
Sales Guy: "Kid, seriously DON'T TOUCH THAT!"
That was it...The hubby takes LL from my arms and in one second flat gathers all our other kids and heads straight out the front door RED FACED AND ALL without saying a word...BUT LEAVING ME STANDING WITH THE SALES GUY ALONE!!! I smile at him and say, "ok, well I guess that it's time to go...I better go help my husband" (that's all I could think of at the time :) and I turn and go too!! ( I busted a gut laughing all the way back to the car...cause I couldn't wait for my hubby's reaction :)
****Yes, I dont' think he's winning "Sales Guy" of the year!! And, we still have our cook top broken and yes, my hubby is still talking about the RUDE, INAPPROPRIATE sales guy at the local appliance store!! All I can do is laugh....things like that just crack me up...or maybe it is just seeing my hubby GET SO MAD!! Seriously, funny!!!
Just had to share...Happy Tuesday to you all!! kj


  1. the things some people say always seem to amaze me :) i hope he isnt working on commission ;) hope you get a new cook top soon!

  2. I had a man basically try to fight me in Wal Mart a few days ago...he was CONVINCED I am NOT old enough to have kids. He would NOT let me leave. I finally just said..."Yep, they are all mione. Aren't they wonderful! And we are in the process of adopting another!" Sometimes, you just have to laugh it off!

  3. alright, spill the beans. the guy was a jerk...come on, where does he work?? We love the folks over at A-1...hope that isn't where you were!

  4. I think I would have asked to speak to his manager. Who would ever want him to make commission? I think it's great that you could laugh it off, but I can't believe he was so rude.

  5. Funniest story ever! I hate it when people say things to you that cause you to take a hard look in the mirror and wonder if you forgot to brush your hair or something. My favorite is, "You poor thing, you look so tired" which is code for "Geez, you look like total crap!"

  6. oh man! what a jerk! lol. you're right though, just laugh it off :))

  7. Funny and terrible all at the same time!

  8. Oh my goodness--what a piece of work!! Way to blow a commission dufas! I'm glad you kept your sense of humor about you...

  9. It is amazing how inappropriate people can be! Last summer, someone asked me if I was trying to be Angelina Jolie!! Ha! I just laughed, too!!

  10. Glad you have such a sense of humor about it. A while back we encountered someone like this. So rude and at a place that my children adore and there wasn't another one. Finally, we sent a letter to the corporate office explaining we were good customers but this was just unacceptable, could they move this person to the back. We got an apology from the manager. I guess other people said something too. They sent him to a training school and he's back up on the floor, much nicer and everyone is happier.

  11. Wow. Good for you for keeping your cool. I don't think I would have been so good at that. And yes, I don't think he's winning any big awards this year in the sale's department. ;)

  12. WOW! Yeah....we usually get the are you trying to be Angelina & Brad thing? Nope just trying to be the Wright family - thanks. OOOOOO- My husband would have given him some love from Jesus I'm sure....then he would have left me there- because I would have given him further advice about his career choice. Of course I would have laughed as well- because after all- what can you do about stupid people?

  13. I think I've met this guy before! Funny stuff...I need to put it in a sit-com! See you tomorrow night!

  14. Oh...and a side note. Our stove did the same thing...in fact it ended up heating to the point of catching fire! So we bought another(ugh!) and plugged it in. Two days later...it does the SAME THING! We call an electrician..... apparently, it was not the stove but the socket that was shot. They can get "overworked" and need to be replaced. A $15 socket was all we needed after all!

  15. I am lovin' that Hal showed how smart he is and responded as the mature person in the situation!

  16. I do not know what appliance store you went to, but your story reminds me of a Chain we have here. C*nn's.
    We went to a store near the house to look at Washer and Dryers. The salesperson came up and immediately starting asking stupid questions and I assume he thought he was being cute but I was more annoyed than laughing. Anyway when we were about to leave someone ran after us asking why we did not purchase the washer and dryer that we were looking at. We both looked at this obviously to young of a salesmanager and told him because we were not able to look at any other W/D without your Salesman pushing us back to the one he felt was more appropriate for our household. I left there and swore I would never go back. Then one day they had Lawmowers on on sale and J desperated needed one. I decided to go and see what they had, and the minute I walked in the door and was greeted by one of 5 salesmen. The one that would not leave me alone actually treated me like I was trash and could not afford to purchase a paperclip much less a lawnmower. I honestly felt like he thought I was to poor to shop in their store. I admit I was not dressed in my Sunday best but yet I have seen others dressed worst than I was. Sad part is J did end up purchasing a Lawnmower at another store that same evening.
    I swear I will never go into another one of their stores again.
    Even if a person is window shopping they should not be mistreated period.

    Thanks for sharing.


Thank you for your kind words!!