Friday, April 23, 2010

Oh...Another Airport Homecoming!!!

Today, I had the privilege of welcoming ANOTHER wonderful AGCI family home at the airport!! OH, HOW I LOVE AIRPORT HOMECOMINGS!!!!! They are so AWESOME to witness and I can't get enough of them!! I arrived with my younger three:LL was napping as we arrived and my George wasn't far behind her....I ordered my Hal some chicken fingers (which made the airport worth coming to for him :) and we waited for THE MOMENT when the new family comes into view........ Above, my friend Cris and her 4 kiddos were there too to welcome home the Stiver Family!!

And, here THEY COME!!!! Oh, my favorite part was when their two year old took off running for them....Oh, I just can't help but tear up at these things....It is something about seeing ALL the siblings meeting for the first incredibly sweet!!!

The Stivers adopted a 4 yr. old little boy (in his daddy's arms) from Lucy lane's same orphanage...Oh, he was sooo cute!!!

I loved this above pic...Daddy holding his new son with his daughter SO happy to see them home!!
The Ethiopian airport workers always come out to talk to the children and welcome them to the U.S. They always speak in their native tongue and let them know that they are safe and everything will be ok!!

One of my favorite moments was when Cris's son "T" sees his old buddy from HH for the first time again!! Their eyes just lit up when they saw each other...the moment was priceless!! They remembered each other and were SO happy and excited to see each other!!! They are basically the same age and I'm sure roomed together at HH for months!!!
And, here they are above...this new family of 7!!!! You can read their blog at What a beautiful family!!!
And, LL finally did wake up and enjoy the show!!! She kept herself entertained by eating some ice!!!
George was getting a little tired of being there :)
Yummy!!! Airport Ice Is GREAT!!! :)
***Welcome home Stivers Family....I'm so incredibly happy and grateful that another beautiful child has a family to call his own!!! Thank you for following God's calling!!!
Happy Friday to you all, kj


  1. the homecoming stories NEVER get old...and I just love that the US ET airport folks come out to bridge the gap for our newest family members. Amazing. Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. oh how precious! What wonderful pics! Btw, love the green and pink outfit Lucy is wearing!

  3. Welcome home indeed! How wonderful!

  4. Congratulations to this awesome family. Love that they added their fifth. Lucy Lane looks so darling in that contrast of colors. It's hard to believe she can keep getting cuter and cuter.

  5. My three year old son says every morning, Mom can I see baby Wucy on the puter???? She is a little sweetie pie!!!!

  6. love it!
    especially love what you said about the ethiopian airport workers speaking words of comfort to the kids. OH MY! that definitely is the sweetest thing... wow. so so so awesome.
    and lucy's expressions.... hilarious :).

  7. these posts always make me tear sweet! thanks for sharing, kristi!

  8. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! Soooo wish we lived closer to you all!!!!! What a handsome little man! LOVE HOME COMINGS!!!!!!!!!

  9. Thanks for this post Kristi. It was a beautiful day!!We are so happy to be home together!!

  10. Hi Kristi,
    you don't know me but I saw your adoption video on you tube and so precious... I am down in texas and have a heart for adoption.. I love to hear stories and watch stories about adoption 1- God has laid on my heart I think.. 2 I grew up on the mission field on the opposite side of your LL's country and my parents adopted a 4 year old 16 years ago.. we found him in our small village clinic one of triplets..

    Needless to say Africa is very dear to my heart and its a part of me... I know that you have totally changed LL life and that is tremendous... if you want to email me its at I would love to chat..


Thank you for your kind words!!