Saturday, April 3, 2010

LL's First Egg Hunt....

It's an annual thing around these parts to make it to the "Martin Egg Hunt" each year!! This is a kind family we've known for years that opens up their back yard (which is fabulous for egg hunting) every year for our Sunday School Class Easter Party!!! It is ALWAYS so much fun, and I don't think we've EVER missed a year attending!!!! But, this year was EXTRA special because it was LL's FIRST YEAR ATTENDING...and well, her FIRST EASTER EGG HUNT EVER, TOO!!!! Above, we have all the kids READY to run for the eggs!!!!
LL DID pick up ONE egg...but quickly threw it back down and kept running....She didn't quite grasp the concept that they were suppose to make it in the baskets!!! :) Oh, well...she was having fun!!!

ABOVE, we have our ONE effort at a group family photo!!! Well, I wouldn't call it the best I've ever seen...but it took a while to gather everyone and a few weren't happy to have to stop running for a pic!! :)

Ok, they can finally break into the eggs like they wanted!!!!! I caught a rare second where they were all sitting together and NOT moving!!! Even LL GOT the hang of opening up the eggs!!! I love seeing all 5 of my kiddos together.....(and I know someone is gonna I'll just answer here....I got the girl's outfits at Costco...great clothes at VERY cheap prices :)
She thought this part was awfully fun!!!!
And, I LOVE this last pic where LL is intently looking at George cause she's gettin ready to steal another egg from HIS BASKET!!! She's waiting for the perfect second to MAKE HER MOVE!!!! :) Smart Girl!!!! :)
****Thanks Martins for hosting again this year!!! My kids look forward to it EVERY YEAR!!! And, you all can check out the Martin family at No, they aren't adopting (as far as I know :) but Momma Martin always has great recipes and yummy treats going on on their blog!! She even made the local paper recently because of her fabulous cookin....Yes, i'm a big fan of anything she makes!! :)
***Happy Easter to you all....I think the Easter Bunny should be heading our way gotta run!!! I pray each of you have a fabulous Easter Holiday tomorrow!!! I know it will be extra special for us since we have our baby girl home this year for her FIRST Easter!!! :) Happy Saturday to you all, kj


  1. oh what adorable pictures! brings back memories from our church egg hunts as a little girl! Looking forward to the days when our soon to be addition will be old enough for their first egg hunt!

  2. So adorable, you have such a beautiful family.
    I hope Lucy Lane has the BEST first Easter with her family, what a lucky little girl. God bless.

  3. Man, sad we missed it. What cute pictures of your sweet girl. Have a wonderful Easter and week...

  4. Hey, Johnsons! Happy Easter, precious family!!
    I'm sitting here with Richard--his quote now,
    "Aww little Lucy Lane, look at her, she's my little girlfriend."
    Hugs from the Tuckers! :)

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  6. Looks like a wonderful time. :) Happy Easter to you and your family.

  7. Lucy looks like she had a great time...Happy Easter!

  8. Precious ... Happy Easter from Hong Kong,

  9. I can't believe how much she seems to grow in every picture you post!!! Looks like you had an awesome time! Hope your Sunday was even more special. ♥

  10. what a neat event. love the family picture despite the imperfections. or maybe BECAUSE of the imperfections!

  11. Very nice event i hope you had a great time over there.
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