Tuesday, April 19, 2011

SuperMan Was Adopted!!!

Oh, I'm SO EXCITED to let yall know that Lucy lane's travel buddy, Silas, is getting a BABY SISTER from Ethiopia!! Now, they still have some WAIT TIME to go...but they are making their way DOWN the wait list right now..AND..they are RAISING MONEY for their adoption by selling these adorable tshirts:So, yall know I like to be REAL on here...and Silas's Momma, Amber, can tell ya that it was a CRAZY morning at my house during this little photo shoot!! Amber, so kindly, brought LL a tshirt to model with her sweet buddy Silas...And, as you can see, above, Silas was PERFORMING perfectly and LL only would give me the RASPBERRY!!! Seriously, the girl has a bad habit right now of giving the RASPBERRY when she isn't getting what she wants!! Yes, she's SOMETHING ELSE!!! :) LOL
Well, Silas, above, leans in for the kiss on the cheek..and well...LL isn't feelin the LOVE and gives him the POINTED FINGER where she tells us all: "This ISN'T FUNNY!!" (one of her new favorite lines :)
Well, below, she was happy when I let her down and she could run to the NEW climbing thing daddy was half way through building and COULD PRETEND it was a microphone!! Yes, everything in her life BECOMES a microphone...She's destined to be FAMOUS when she grows up!! :)

So, I tell her I'll give her a sucker if she'll give Silas a hug:

Ok , that worked....the girl would do just about anything for a SUCKER:Ok, well....how about ONE MORE ATTEMPT of a cute pic of them together sitting on the wall:Ok, MORE Raspberries....giving UP....So, she's DOWN and free again....the cute pic of them together in these AWESOME tshirts...just wasn't happening....GEORGE TO THE RESCUE.... LL will hold her Georgie's hand...just NOT Silas's hand:
Crazy girl!!! yes, she makes life EXCITING each and every day!! LOL !!!

So, the morning photo shoot ended with LL sneaking off and getting into the bottle of Windex and spraying it everywhere when we weren't looking...and then she claimed SHE DRANK IT!! But I SERIOUSLY think she made that up...no worries...she was FINE!!! :) And, as Amber was leaving my VERY MESSY HOME..sink filled with dishes...dishes from dinner (night before) still out....AND as we were trying to figure out IF we should call POISON CONTROL cause of LL's claim to have drunk the Windex...George walks up and lets us know that he just had an accident in his pants!! Wow...when it rains it pours!! ha ha So, Amber left (i'm sure shocked :) and I cleaned up George, cleaned up LL's latest Windex mess...got LL down for a nap..cleaned up my messy kitchen...and tried to DEEP BREATHE!!! :)

***Now, after ALL that we went through to accomplish this photo shoot of this shirt...I hope YOU'LL ALL HOP ON OVER to the SILAS blog and SUPPORT lucy lane's travel buddy as they bring home a sister for Silas!! ***** You can order your shirts and see better pictures of them by going to their blog: www.luchtadoption.blogspot.com They come in several different sizes and colors!! Check them out if you have a minute!!! :) I think they are too cute (even if ONE model wasn't feelin the love to perform for us :)

Just thinkin about that morning and writing it OUT made me tired again! ha ha Thanks everyone for supporting the Lucht family!! We so LOVE them!! Happy Tuesday to you all, kj


  1. First off LL is a crazy nut and I love her that way :)
    Second you totally made me cry when I read your last 2 posts of the weight gain for Wes and that picture.
    PRAYING you hear soon!!!!!!!!!!!!! of your final travel to pick him up :)

  2. Definitely getting one of these shirts for Carson! And those two together are just PRECIOUS!!!

  3. I love how real you are :) always have. you make me feel better when I have a sink full of dishes, Tatiana my Ethiopian beauty is screeching about something, and homeschool just aint happening today ;)
    So sorry I hadnt been in the loop with your journey to Wes, but I have been playin catch up and am so in love! And so proud of you mama! Cant wait to see him at home :) btw-we didnt follow thru with our last adoption :( but happily her new family found her in 24 hrs, so a GOD thing :) xoxo

  4. love that you keep it real ;) you should see my kitchen some morning with 6 littles 2 of which are terrors ;) running around !
    So very happy for you and wes!


Thank you for your kind words!!