Thursday, April 21, 2011

So, How Are We Passing The Time??

Well, I kind of feel like LIFE is going in SLOW MOTION as we WAIT to get that ALL IMPORTANT phone call (or email) that says we can LEAVE ON A JET PLANE and bring our boy home!! Ahhhh...I know it could come SOON...or I (sadly) realize that it could take a while...SO...keepin myself BUSY isn't hard these days....This little Miss Fancy Pants keeps us on our toes:Can you tell what she's done in this pic...I put the STOOL up on the counter to keep her from climbing on the kitchen counter...I take George to the potty and come back to find this:Yes, she's SITTING on the STOOL "ON" on the counter...CRAZY GIRL!!! She's ALWAYS one second away from hurting herself!!! :)

**And, Julia decided it WAS TIME to get her EARS PIERCED!! She was very brave and very excited:
Way to go big girl!!
We headed to Kentucky last weekend to celebrate Poppy's 84th bday!! Cousin Alec was visiting our kids love seeing their cousin fun:

Jules (my MIL) put on an easter egg hunt for the kids...they had so much fun:
Cousin Alec:
LL LOVED picking flowers out of Jule's yard...she always cracks me up:

Then a little lunch..and it was time to wish Poppy (and George..Jules included him in on the festivities) a happy bday...Poppy turned 84...George turned 4:

Some of the other 2nd cousins and such stopped by too...LL let her Uncle Ray walk her around a little bit:
Present time..Thanks Jules and Poppy for a great afternoon...The kids had so much fun:
AND...lets see...What else have we been up to....Oh, LOSING TEETH..We're ALWAYS losing teeth around here...The tooth fairy REALLY has our address down:
And, Daddy FINALLY got done building the NEW CLIMB DOME thing in the back yard....and yes, our yard is so tacky..but the kids have a BLAST:
Yes, we grabbed this new climb toy from Costco..LOVE IT!! (fyi..and LL had spilled something all over herself earlier...and we just hadn't made it inside yet for another round of clothing :)
And, yes, that's 5 Littles on ONE play dome!! And, plenty of room left for sweet little Wes!! :)

**So, keeping ourselves busy for sure!! We're hosting all the fam for Easter too....and TRYING NOT TO OBSESS over the fact that we could be leaving SOON for our boy!! :) praying, praying, praying for good news soon!! Hope you all have a blessed Easter Weekend!! Happy Thursday to you all, kj

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  1. looks like sweet times while you wait. and i've seen your backyard, it's not tacky it's just plain FUN! and it shows your priority is your kids, not yourselves.


Thank you for your kind words!!