Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy 4th Bday Georgie!!!!

Yesterday, the 12th, my Georgie turned 4!! I mean, seriously, could a boy be any cuter:George is a simple little guy and wanted a simple little we headed down to our neighborhood playground and invited some of his pre-k 3 friends....
But, George decided Mommy was brilliant when I pulled out his bday present....the giant blow up ball from Costco:It was a big hit....and the weather was PERFECT, by the way...sunny and 72....FAR BETTER than the awful storm that passed through the night before which caused THIS for my poor neighbor across the street....WE HAD NO IDEA...we came out the next morning and saw it...I can't believe we didn't hear it crash...No one was hurt..Praise the Lord!!! :And, ALL of Georgie's siblings had lots of fun too at his party...we all like a park day:

George decided on a Costco Football cake at the last minute..and his football shirt to match....Yes, he made Daddy proud:

My sister Karson made it in for the festivities:
There is also a creek next to the playground which kept the kids entertained the entire time:
Cake Time:

Present time...I love when people buy my george "curious george" cute:

Some Mommas hangin around:Lots of fun with that giant ball:
LL and her friend Emma havin some Slide fun:
My two big girls CHILLIN...21 months apart and asked EVERY day if they are twins...

Lucy Lane seriously says, "Momma...take a picture of me in my hat!!" funny girl:
More free fun...the kids roll down the giant hill over and over again:
And, it was back home to open a few more presents....this smile says it all.....We love you so much George!! You are truly the cutest, most wonderful 4 year old EVER!! You are easy, laid back and joyful!! And, he's my only kid to ever be LITTLE (well...until Wes :) He still claims to be a BABY every day!! LL has surpassed him left and right on lots of things....but we dont' care....he is OUR BABY and he LOVES it that way!! :)
And, WHY didn't I post this LAST NIGHT ON HIS ACTUAL bday...Well...cause George's favorite thing to do is to CUDDLE on the couch....and he asks me CONSTANTLY to just come and lie down with him on the couch...He just likes me to hold him.....
*So, as he stayed up LATE like he always does..and as everyone else in the house was can find George and me hangin on the couch for some quality time!! And, it was his I just couldn't say NO!! :) We love you Georgie and hope you'll stay our baby forever!!!

**Happy 4th bday my sweet boy...and...Happy Wednesday to you all, kj


  1. Happy 4th Birthday to George! He is such a cutie! I didn't realize how close in age that he is to our Caty! SO fun!!! :)

  2. Happy Birthday Georgie!!
    He's so cute!

  3. Happy 4th Birthday George! by the looks of things, you had a blast :)

  4. Awww...he is too cute!!!!! Happy Birthday!

  5. awww he is 4 days younger than my son! Happy birthday, George!

  6. Happy B-day George, looks like you had a great party. Wishing you many, many more!! Blessings!

  7. He is adorable indeed! Happy Birthday Blessings to "baby" George from Hong Kong! Kim

  8. Happy Birthday George! What a handsome boy! I have never seen that ball before, but it sure looks like a lot of fun! And that Lucy Lane.. sooo cute!! Okay, ALL of your kids are SO CUTE! :o)

  9. what a happy birthday. he is such a doll! love the cuddle time. at 8, my jackie is still all about it.


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