Friday, April 15, 2011

My Crazy LL

Today is April 15th.....another MONTH has gone by since Lucy Lane became OURS!! I'm reminded on the 15th of EVERY month that Lucy Lane has been HOME another month..and she's ONE MONTH older since her bday and Gotcha day both fall on the 15th!! Next month she'll be 2 1/2 (i can't believe HOW fast she is growing up)..and on June 15th she'll have been home 2 years!! wow...where did the time go!!!?? She's truly a GIFT to our family and I'm so thankful that God set us on this path!! As I obsess over reading emails these days to hear ANY word that IT IS TIME to head back to Ethiopia to pick up our 6th child, I try to imagine WHAT I'd be doing TODAY if I hadn't chosen to follow God's leading to ADOPT!! I just can't imagine by life without ALL 6 of my kids!!! We've truly been blessed beyond measure....

**We've had beautiful weather lately and I captured some of LL's "craziness" while eating dinner out on the deck the other night....
I can't help but look at LL and PRAISE GOD for her confidence...the security she feels with her family...and for her wonderful personality...I think her OUT GOINGNESS with us..her crazy performing self with us...her HUGE laughter and screams could drive some people nutty....BUT..God knew what He was doing when he gave us Lucy Lane...I LOVE EVERY OUNCE OF HER FUNNiESS!!! I had such reserved, shy children before Lucy Lane...which makes her BIG, FUN, CRAZY personality a breath of fresh air in our home!! She truly thinks of the funniest things to do all the time....Below she attempts to dip her grilled cheese in tomato soup....she decides she really likes it...

And, makes a HUGE mess along the way...
But it hurts her feelings when big Sissy notices WHAT she's doing....cause she was dipping her grilled cheese in HELEN's soup....and Helen reclaims her soup from LL:
Ok, I get her her OWN tomato soup....all smiles again:

Then, of course...she must perform a little bit for the camera:

I'm hoping Wes can survive this BIG personality...LL already says out of the blue:
"Mommy, baby brother in Africa is way too loud!!"

**I said, "LL, you haven't even met have no idea if he's LOUD or NOT!"

And, she laughs...cause she KNOWS she's a silly nut!! :) I'm sure my posts about LL's adjustment to baby brother will be quite entertaining!! ha ha :) AND...Just so you all KNOW what I'm praying you'll PLEASE join me...I'm praying Wes is in my arms by the end of this month!! I know it's a long shot...but so was passing court the first I KNOW prayer works!!! And, I KNOW God wants my sweet boy HOME!!! :) We so appreciate YOUR PRAYERS!!!

**Happy Friday to you all, kj


  1. I have been following your blog for a while but never commented (until the posts about court for Wes :))... over the past year or so God has given me a HUGE heart for orphans and He has used your blog and family in a lot of that...Lucy Lane is looking so grown up!! Your family is beautiful! :)

  2. LL is a doll! I love all your posts and how beautiful your family is, including precious Wes, and I want you to know how much strength I get each time I read your posts. God is using you to do incredible things and even though you don't know me, please know that God is using you to speak to me. My husband and I are battling infertility and we are praying for the Lord to lead us to our child, however He sees fit. Whether it is through IVF or adoption or whatever the circumstance. My husband and I both have read your blog and have watched LL's video over and over and have both shed tears as we watched you finally have LL in your arms. And now to follow your journey to Wes, it's just all a beautiful thing to see God's plan unfolding.

    Praying Wes is in your arms and with his siblings very VERY soon!

    Thank you for being a shining light to all who read your blog! You give us hope and inspire us all!

    God Bless!

  3. I can't wait til our Aregash's hair is as long as Lucy's...I think they have the SAME hair....soooo cute! My MIL asked the other day what I was gonna do with it, like it was an awful mess. She asked me if I was going to cut it. heck no!!!

  4. Oh LL What more is there to say you are AMAZING!!! And just wait until Wes comes home- before the end of the month...and shows you his personality? Should be a BLAST!!!!! :) Love you LL :)

  5. Oh, I love me some LL!
    Praying with you all the way for Wes to be in your arms by the end of the month!!

  6. She is TOO CUTE for words! That last picture has me CRACKING UP!

    Praying that your sweet new boy is in your arms BY THE END OF THE MONTH! God can do it!

  7. love that crazy girl. she will be such a fun big sister!!! suddenly, in these pictures, she looks really big. guess she's just getting ready to allow another baby into the house...even if he is loud. :)

  8. I hope he IS in your arms by the end of this month! And what a little nutball - I love that girl for ya! ;)

  9. PRAYING! nothing is immposible in God's time. Wes will be in your arms and loving his new family in no time.


Thank you for your kind words!!