Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Little "shower" for Wes....

yes, My sweet friends gave me a little dinner in honor of our sweet Wes..... I surely wasn't expecting anything for baby #6 (even though I think he's JUST as special as baby #1 who had about 10 showers...seriously :) I was SO excited when my friend Vanessa said she wanted to give me a little dinner...I picked my favorite spot "Local Taco" and we all met up.....
I forgot my I snapped a few pics of the night with my Iphone...the pics aren't the greatest, but I had to share a few anyways!! Not the best pic of me below...but proof I was at MY OWN shower CELEBRATING our sweet Wes....I asked for NO presents...but a few people slipped some in anyways......He got some new outfits...some gift adorable 147 Million tshirt from my friend was so fun...Below, my sister Kelly (Mrs. Ordinary Hero) and Gwen (mrs. 147 million orphans) were glad they could come...My CCI peeps came to represent too....Friends I've known for my entire 12 years of marriage showed up to celebrate baby #6....and newer friends like, Amber, who was my travel buddy to pick up Lucy Lane...Such a NEAT group representing so many different parts of my life...I got so many cute little things for Wes...but I have to show you what my friend Eve gave me...Seriously....I talk to her every day in car line while we wait to pick up our kids...She's in the same spot we're in..waiting for clearance from the Embassy for her Ethiopian daughter....and she NEVER once mentioned she was an artist....
ok, so she SERIOUSLY pencil sketched a portrait of Wes...AND, she did it in CAR LINE....Yes, she's THAT talented...AND, IT LOOKS JUST LIKE HIM!!!! CRAZY!!! Thanks Eve SO MUCH!! I can't believe you were able to do this...I LOVE IT:

Wow, i have some sweet and talented friends!! And, I had a cute pic of my friend karen and my friend Vanessa (who organized this) but some how I do believe ONE of them erased it from my phone...hmmmmmm!! :)

**Thanks a MILLION everyone for coming!! Thanks Vanessa for organizing!! I can't wait to get our boy home so you can all meet him!! And, I'm so blessed that so many people ALREADY love him SO MUCH!!! It was a wonderful night!! Happy Wednesday to you all, kj


  1. It is so sweet to see friends together celebrating God's gift of life! Beautiful portrait!

  2. hi kristi,
    i've followed you guys off and on for a while now, but i was cracking up when i just read this post. i was in ethiopia with eve in february!! i've been trying to find her contact info somewhere so i could find out when she's going back for her embassy appt. would you please pass my info along ( thank you so much and many congrats on your newest addition...he's PRECIOUS!!!!

  3. Allison..small world...I'll face book her and tell her you are looking for her!! :) kristi

  4. What a special celebration with special friends!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  5. Hi, Kristi!
    The sketch of Wes is PERFECT! If Eve is up for it, can you send me her info? I'd love for her to sketch my kiddos! Thanks!

  6. What a great reason to celebrate!

    LOVE that drawing, wow! Beautiful!!

  7. what a sweet little shower!! i think your friend has a future as an "adoption artist"- one more way for us APs to swoon over the pics we are sent!! He is ADORABLE in sketch pencil!

  8. what a fun celebration! after the bajillions of celebrations you have hosted, i love that this one was in YOUR honor. what a wonderful group of friends you have!

  9. oh wow that scetch is amazing!!!! Looks exactly like Wes! Love it! So glad that you had a fun shower!
    Thanks tons again for the pics of our kids too!

    Love, Heidi

  10. What a sweet party and wonderful set of friends! Wes is so loved already! Precious. And, oh MY! That pencil sketch is AMAZING!!!!! She seriously could make bank just doing those!!!!! ;)

  11. oh, busted!! that picture was horrible...i'm gonna blame vanessa, but you know who was holding the phone...a girl's gotta protect her rep, you know? Loved celebrating Wes with you.

  12. What a beautiful picture - what a talented friend!! How blessed you are to have such supportive friend =)


Thank you for your kind words!!