Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Twins.....(and a shout out)

Ok, so they are really something like 18 months apart...BUT...they seriously act like "twins"!! LL acts OLD for her age, George acts like a BABY for just turning 3..and well....put that together and they seem to be ABOUT on the same page!!! :) (and nearly the same size :)

The older 3 yell, "Mom, come quick...look how cute they are being together!!" I come around the corner and see these two riding the Zebra together...They get a complete audience from their older 3 siblings (ages 5, 6 and 8)...and well...they HAM it up for me!!! And, I, of course, grab the camera!!! These two make me smile all day!!! Seriously funny little people together!!

And, to think that people say to me ALL THE TIME: "Maybe I'll consider adoption when MY children get older!!" Ummmmm....LL is as much MY child as my first 4.....so.....WHY WAIT?? Everyone is missing out on LOTS of fun times they could be having together NOW!!! Just my thoughts from the day as I saw HOW MUCH FUN they have together AND how much they LOVE each other!!! :) I certainly could have waited too....oh, but I'm so glad I didn't!! :)

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***That's it tonight folks...More shout outs soon, I promise :) I'm tired cause my "twins" have me chasing them ALL day....Oh, and I tried that "quiet" library place again today with my 5 little people...and well...George and LL just didn't quite grasp the concept of being "quiet"!! Pretty sure they'd be happy if we never came back!! :) Happy Tuesday to you all, kj


  1. They're SO cute Kristi! I love seeing the bond that my 6-year-old twins have and I'm so excited that our little Ethiopian man will be 15 months younger than my 3 year old! She's excited to have herself a "twin" too!

  2. I love seeing other adoption twins...my girls are 3 months apart!! And like you, they just crack us up!! I can't imagine one without the other! What a blessing! Thanks for sharing your pictures! (still haven't figured out all the blogging stuff and have trouble putting pictures on....hopefully I'll get it soon!)

  3. Just got my shirt a few days ago- LOVE IT! I would completely back you up....why wait? Our kids love being close in age. They love having friends, and playing together! Of course they fight, but when they play- it is WONDERFUL!!!

  4. They are adorable. Thanks for sharing. I always find comfort on your blog. We have a daughter that is turning one in eight days and we started the process to adopt from Rwanda a month ago. I often get a confused look when people learn we are adopting and they try to convince me that they will be too close in age and I will not have enough time for my real kids. Those people will NEVER understand... it matters not to me whether I carried them in my tummy or carried them in my heart, they are all my real children. Thanks for your comforting words and helping others to see that God knows the timing.
    Susan Allee

  5. your home seems to be overflowing with joy!

  6. Those pics are TOO cute, and I have to say your big parties look like SOOOO much fun. I can't imagine that many families in one place who adopted from Ethiopia. I am sure you won't mind if I get two older children from Ethiopia and roadtrip up there from Charleston. ha ha :-)

  7. Hey girl! Commented back to you on my blog too...but in case you didn't see it :)...so funny that you met our friend David! He had called Jody too and told him that he recognized ya'll from the video and introduced himself!! So fun!!...and definitely a small world! :)


Thank you for your kind words!!