Monday, June 28, 2010

June Family African Fellowship Group....

We hosted the JUNE African Fellowship Group YESTERDAY, Sunday, at our home!!! Oh, it was so much fun!! These people just speak RIGHT TO MY HEART!! There is NOTHING better in this world than seeing my house and yard (literally every square inch) covered with families and people that "think alike" and "get it"!! Each one of these families inspire me and encourage me to be a better person EACH AND EVERY DAY!! There were WAY MORE PEOPLE and children than I could even count!!! I kept losing my camera, so I didn't get ALL the pics I wanted, but here are a few:

Above, little Miss Poppy Dip (yes, my camera was yucky or something)..BUT...for some GREAT pics (much better than mine) head on over to the Poppy Dip blog:
I must explain these WET pics...We knew it would be we provided MANY water soakers and such...and kept ALL the big kids entertained for a LONG TIME!! They had "WATER WAR" going on from what I heard!!!

We not only used our back yard, but also our drive way, our basement and well...really our entire home was filled!!!

The stage in the kid's playroom was a hit!!

(above, my nephew Nathan...getting so BIG)!! He was adopted from Ethiopia almost 2 years ago by my sister Kelly!! Wow, where has the time gone!

I loved chatting with the families that came by to just "inquire" about adoption!! So neat to keep seeing God at work in people's hearts!!

Oh, such cute kiddos!!!!

The Stivers came in from Kentucky....pictured glad they could make it!!

Oh, this little Ethiopian Beauty, Hope, just hurts me with her cuteness!!! :)

My friend Karen, my videographer and photographer, came by to hang too with her boys!!

The dessert table.....yuuummmmyyyyy!!!

LL got to hang with her travel buddy Silas too!!

LL just gets MORE "giddy" as the night goes on....By the time everyone leaves, she's on a sugar high and ready to "cheese" for the camera!!! And that's what she yells in these pics: "CHEEEESE"!!!

And, the kids turn the camera on me for ONE LAST PIC before we get them all in bed!!!
**I'm just straight up blessed for knowing all these families and following their journeys!! If someone had told me 5 years ago that I'd have 5 children and one from Ethiopia and I'd host hundreds of African children/families in my back yard....I would never have believed them!! It blows me mind THE PLANS the Lord has for our life THAT YOU JUST HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT!!! By simply saying "YES" to God's Plan, our life has been BLESSED more than I could have ever imagined possible!!!
Thanks everyone for coming last night...And, happy Monday to you all, kj
P.S. Just remembered a shout out for a fellow AGCI family: Check out for some great stuff being raffled off for their adoption!! She's also a talented writer with a big heart!! :) enjoy kj


  1. What a great day you guys had such a wonderful gathering. It's such a blessing to be around so many people that "get it".
    You are definately Martha Stewart's clone. How do you do it? You're always hosting some big party, God bless your strength girl!

  2. once again, looks like not just a fun but also a meaningful time!

  3. Oh, if you only lived in Washington!!! What an encouragement all these families are to each other, and what a blessing to open your home to such beautiful and joy-filled chaos! : )

  4. Kristi, we had SUCH a blast--but it looks like my boys got caught in the photos dousing the garage with water ballon water--if they need to head on back for some mopping or other chores let me know!!
    THANK YOU for your huge,precious,welcoming heart--we adore your family!!
    Love, Gillian

  5. Kristi,
    Thank you so much for hosting another fabulous event. We love your family and your hearts.
    Many blessings,

  6. What a blessing to have so many families in close distance to gather together!! I am sure it is such a support and blessing to the parents, as well as the children. Thanks for sharing. Earnestly praying that we will see more families, in our area and everywhere, pursuing adoption as a plan A!!

  7. Awesome, awesome!!!! Your gracious heart shines!! Thank you so much for welcoming everyone--- and cleaning up a huge mess--- Please thank Will for us, too!! Love you guys!

  8. I want to start this in our area. Do you meet once a month at houses or parks? Do you communicate through emails and then as people meet others, they just invite them to come?? What a great experience for everyone! Thanks for sharing...

  9. Love it!
    You will forever reign as HOSTESS WITH THE MOSTESS!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  10. SO FUN!!! It looks like ya'll had an awesome fellowship group!! So great...I am hosting our new Mississippi fellowhip group in July! I pray we have a great turn out too! :)

  11. Kristi,

    AWWWWW I'M SO JEALOUS!! I know so many faces in the pics and wish we could have been there too!! What an amazing party 4 adoption!!! I pray someday I can pop over and join the fun:))
    I leave for Ethiopia in 18 days!!
    Do you want to be a guest blogger for my crazy blog? Just let me know...
    love ya sister,


  12. All your pics brought a smile to my day! Delighted to meet you today. I hope you don't mind if I splash around a bit to get to know you. This looks like a delightful spot to slip off my shoes and drench myself in goodness.


  13. Silas loves the pictures and kept saying 'Lucy, Lucy, Lucy' :)

    thanks for hosting and for everything!

  14. Your kids just have the greatest smiles!!! Looks like a great time!

  15. Thank you so much for having ALL of us! It was amazing and so wonderful to finally put faces with stories.


Thank you for your kind words!!