Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Father's Day (just a little late :)

Yes, I'm running a little late on this post, but I couldn't let it go....We had a GREAT day on Father's Day...and I just NEEDED to share ALL the fathers in my life with ya.......
We headed to Kentucky on Father's Day Sunday...We were able to let the kids have some water play at Jules and Poppy's house first, pictured above.... (thanks for the great lunch too Jules) Then we headed to my sister Kasey's house where I got to visit with MY grandpa (pictured above)...He's still a very cool and young Grandpa...He might be a retired doc, but you can find him in the skies most days STILL flying his airplanes around!! He LOVES flying and took me MANY times as a kid...I have great memories of visiting them in California during my childhood, but now they've retired in Kentucky to be closer with family..and I'm so glad they did!! Grandpa is getting ready to take my hubby up in the air for his FIRST small plane ride!! I'll be sure to post some pics :)

And, above is MY DAD!! Yes, he's always had a VERY unique sense of "style"!! LOL :) My dad was a Recon Marine during the Vietnam War, and these days you'll still find him Practicing Criminal Defence Law in his law firm he started MANY years ago in our small town back in KY!! He says they'll have to carry him out before he'll retire!! :) I worked in my dad's office for many years during my younger years!! I was a "runner"!!! :) It was fun running around the local court house all the time and even getting to go sit in on some of my dad's cases!! :) I almost thought about going to law school for about a minute...but...decided being a teacher would be WAY more fun!! :)

Here's my hubby with his Dad!! Poppy was in the Navy during World War II !! He even worked for my Grandpa for a few years during his banking career!! (kind of cool :) He's now retired and enjoying his grandchildren!!! :) Poppy is loved by everyone in town!!

Then here's the BEST DADDY in the world....MY HUBBY!!! Yes, I'm a little bias, but MY HUBBY ROCKS!!! Our kids are SO blessed to have him as their Daddy!! He devotes his every day to our children and they will be BETTER people some day because of this!!! :) I never need one gift EVER from my hubby cause watching him with our children is GIFT ENOUGH each and every day!!! (and yes, I failed to get a pic of him with all 5 kiddos this year...not sure HOW I got distracted :) Happy Father's Day Hubby!!! The kids and I think you are BEST Daddy in the world!!! And, since we WERE in Kentucky...I thought I'd show a pic of LL on her cousin's John Deer Tractor!!! :) Gotta love Kentucky!!!! :)

And, to this FUTURE father....he's gonna be ready!!! You can look up ANY day and find this scene!! He loves carrying her around, but he just doesn't have that HIP yet that the girls have to carry around Little Miss Lucy Lane yet!! :) He says, "Some day I'm going to adopt a baby 'gill' from Ethiopia JUST LIKE LUCY LANE!!! :) " too cute!!! :)

So, Happy LATE Father's Day and Happy Friday to you all!!! kj


  1. That's really cute! Looks like you've got some great guys in your family! You must feel really blessed!

  2. Better late that never. We would not have wanted to miss that post on the many "fathers" that bless your family!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  3. Such a blessing to have so many incredible father's in your lives.

    I love the picture of your little guy carrying LL, too cute.

  4. So cute, thanks for sharing! I'm laughing b/c just last night I was trying to decide if I should still post pics from Father's day. Still up for debate! ;)

  5. Awesome way to show your love for all the daddys!

  6. So glad you enjoyed your Father's Day with the many important men in your life. Love the pictures of LL on the tractor!

    PS - Where did you get the shirt you are wearing in the picture?


Thank you for your kind words!!