Friday, February 26, 2010

My Independent Girl!!!

My sweet baby girl is growing up so quickly!! She is LOVING using her spoon (or at least attempting to :) She also LOVES Brown Sugar and Cinnamon oatmeal!! :)

And, she always ends it with a GREAT BIG KISS!!! Funny Girl!!!
**Stay tuned for my next post as we WELCOME the Peters Family home from Ethiopia tonight at the airport with their 2 new sons!!! OH, I'm so excited about meeting their precious boys!! :)
Happy Friday to you all, kj


  1. She is so funny! Can't wait to see you guys at the airport.

  2. What a little the oatmeal smeared on her forehead...classic!!

    Loving following the Peter's journey via their blog...wish we lived close enough to welcome them home in person!!


  3. I'm loving the oatmeal on her forehead! :P Too cute!

  4. love your pics - makes me want to travel now!!!:)
    have loved following Chris' posts, especially the ones from ethiopia!! Wish we could be there with you - we will be praying!

  5. Love the pics :)
    Can't wait to see pics of their boys too!!!

    Bummed that the dates have changed to July for the picnic (agci) now we can't go...... :( Sad days.

  6. ahhh! she is getting so big and her hair is so long!

  7. Seriously??? Could she get any cuter? -made me smile :)

  8. Hello, I would like to let you guys know that you are part what inspired our family to adopt from Ethiopia.

    Our family is in the very beginning stages (just starting Home-Study)of adopting a sibling group from Ethiopia into our family of 7.We'd love for you to follow us and we are do the same for you. Its great to read all these stories of completed adoptions!

    Our blogspot is

    Not much on it yet but, there will be :D

  9. no bib!!
    she's so adorable and her hair is growing so :)
    what a doll

  10. Lucy Lane - you are adorable! I think you and Madeleine would totally bond over your love of oatmeal - especially since neither of you seems to mind a little bit getting on your face!

  11. A girl after my own heart. That is my favorite breakfast during the winter months!
    Cannot wait to hear / see another family reunited. "Our" little adoption fellowship group is rapidly expanding. Love it!
    Blessings from Hong Kong,

  12. love the pics...she is too adorable!

  13. oh Kristi- that is just too precious!!!

  14. She is so precious! I just love the outfits and bows you put on her - getting great ideas for our Leah. :)


Thank you for your kind words!!