Monday, February 1, 2010

Blogging Does Have Its Perks....

**Let me tell ya...this blogging does have its perks...even with all the craziness we've had to deal with in the past....THERE IS SO MUCH MORE POSITIVE THAT HAS COME OUT OF IT THAN NEGATIVE!!! And, that's what I always want to focus on....

** A little while back I get the sweetest email from someone at my church THAT I don't even know!! They let me know that they had been reading my blog and that they had seen Lucy lane with us at church and around the community, AND they'd been very touched by her adoption!!! She let me know that she had run across a book she wanted to give Lucy lane for her 1st b-day!! She said she'd carry it around with her UNTIL she ran into us the next time....Well, that day came and I'm so thankful that a person I really don't even know would take the time to stop me and HAND ME THIS SWEET BOOK:

** It is about the sweetest "adoption" book for children you could read!! It is precious!! In case you can't read it clearly from the pic, it is GOD FOUND US YOU, by Lisa Tawn Bergren!!!!

She even took the time to write on the inside cover:

"Dear Lucy Lane, You have touched our hearts!! Love, The H. Family"

** Thank You H. Family for this sweet, thoughtful gift. I will cherish this little book and use it to always let Lucy lane know HOW MANY people (even strangers) were touched by her adoption!! I would LOVE to take every email and comment ever written for/about LucyLane where someone was inspired to adopt because of her AND GIVE IT TO HER SOME DAY in the form of a book!!! I just pray she always knows how precious and important she is in the eyes of the Lord!!!

"Little Fox cuddled up to Mama Fox one night and said sleepily. "Mama, tell me again about the day I came home."

"Oh, yes," Mama said with a smile. "That is my favorite story of all. When God found us you, it made me the happiest mother in the world."

"Just by comin' home?" Little Fox asked with a yawn.

"Especially by coming home," Mama said.

-excerpt from God Found Us You by Lisa Tawn Bergren


  1. That is so sweet! I'll have to find a copy of that book. Whenever I read anything like that it makes me cry! I never knew adoption would make me so emotional, but it's a good emotional:)

  2. Oh ... crying AGAIN by one of your posts. The twins are approaching that age where these types of books are becoming more and more important. I will add that one to my list of summer shopping to be done at HOME!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  3. I like the idea of a book. I'm amazed already by the sweet emails I get.

  4. love this book! i cried the first time i read it :-)

  5. That book sounds so sweet. I always love hearing about adoption books because I want to buy our little boy some books as well. :-D

  6. that is too funny...i just bought this book last week. my kiddos love reading it as we talk about the day we will bring our sweet baby home. it is a great book. see you thursday!!

  7. i am ordering that book today! thanks so much for sharing!

  8. That is sooo touching!! I'm gonna order the book today!!! Have a a sauper day Kristi:)It's snowing here in WI today...YAY!!!


  9. PRECIOUS! Just bought it for our little one!

  10. This book was given to us this past Christmas by a friend of mine! It's our first baby gift we've received for him and we still have about 9 months to go! It's the most precious book I've ever seen! It will always be special to us!

  11. That is such a beautiful post and the book sounds so sweet! I have been moved to tears by Lucy Lane's story. I was adopted as an infant and lately I've really been feeling like God is speaking to my heart about us adopting too. Adoption has blessed my life so much and is such a beautiful thing.


Thank you for your kind words!!