Sunday, February 7, 2010

An Adoption Shower for 4!!!

Today, I had the privilege of hosting an Adoption Shower for the Mihnovich Family!! It is the LEAST I could do SINCE they are the family that inspired us to adopt in the first place!! I will always be grateful to this family for paving the way TO OUR DAUGHTER!!! Their video is always at the bottom of my blog page...AND it was that video that came across my EMAIL exactly two years ago this month!! I had never dreamed of adoption...AND, that one family changed our lives forever!!! God used them to LET US KNOW we had a daughter in Ethiopia, Africa!!! Well, now Tracy's been home with Levi a couple of years and I'm home now almost 8 months, AND this family is heading back to Ethiopia for 4 MORE!! They accepted and passed court for a sibling group of 4 and will be traveling this month to pick them I already said, the least I could do is host a celebration for this family!! Above, you have Missy (one of Tracy's best buddies), Tracy and ME (sporting my Simply Love Valentine Shirt)I had a Valentine theme going on, AND lots of food to go around for everyone!!! Above, Levi seemed to be enjoying the cupcakes!!! As you can see..the chatting by women is endless!! It could go on all day!!

Oh, but the children running around were WAY TOO CUTE!! I mean, we should have these kids on the cover of an adoption magazine...there would be no more orphans in the world!! I love little Ester above...She's sporting her Momma's Poppy Dip Dress!! Yes, her momma is the QUEEN of the Poppy Dip!!! You'll have to check out her site...all proceeds go toward their 3rd adoption from Ethiopia!!!
These two China Loves never get tired of playin at my home!! Love these girls!!

Ok, so these two sisters look like they are biological..but both adopted separately and from different from the U.S. and one from Ethiopia.... simply gorgeous girls!!

Macy made her way to the party too...She represents an adoption domestically!! What a beauty!!! Above, we have Amy who is waiting on her Ethiopian baby boy...Her bio daughter came along to play for the day too... Of, course, lots of coffee was had today too!!! (my girls made my signs for me...they love helping out :) Gwen O. and big sister Kelly were supporting today too.........

more mom gab........Ok, above, this is Sarah H....let me introduce ya...She's the Momma from TWO posts ago WHOSE hubby came up to me at the bowling alley...You know that amazing God story I wrote about two posts back...Well, we finally met (again) today at the shower...She dropped in to say hi!!! Ok, so don't we kind of look alike??? too funny!!!

Oh, and all 3 of my girls enjoyed the shower...they all stayed for it and had fun!! LL napped most of the time, but Julia never let her out of her sight once she woke!! Sweet sisters!!!

**So, congrats Mihnovich Family!! We're so happy for you guys and can't wait to see your family of 9 together at last!! It was truly a wonderful day.....and I feel so honored to be able to celebrate this wonderful occasion with you all!! Praising God that He put you all in our lives!!!

Happy Sunday to you all, kj


  1. what a joyful celebration. i am laughing b/c i read your last post "i don't do anything but take care of my family and home" and thought to myself "yes, you do all that AND host party after party to serve others and celebrate with them!" you are amazing!

  2. wow...looks like it was an awesome shower! It was fun to see in pictures so many of the girls from blogs I read all at your you all live close or did they travel in for the shower? Glad it went well! All the children there were so cute!

  3. After reading your last post and this one, I am exhausted! I don't know how you do it all! :) It looks like the shower was such a great day! It was neat to see a photo of my blog friend Amy. We have been feeling the calling to adopt and Amy has been such an encouragement and a great friend to me as we pray that the Lord will lead us where He wants us to be. I was adopted and it has been such a blessing in my life. I love reading your blog and all of these adoption stories. It is so evident that the Lord is planning all of this out for each family and it's such a beautiful thing to witness!

  4. That is amazing!!! How exciting 4 children that have a family :)

  5. How wonderful that they are adopting a sibling group. The shower looked wonderful. :-D

  6. The adoption community you guys have fostered is truly amazing. Adoption isn't easy--especially the journey the Mihnovich's have walked. Thank you for taking care of one of my most favorite families in the world. You guys are the BEST!

    Maybe I'll see you at the airport to welcome them home in just a few week! :)

  7. Your gift of hospitality is never ending! Wish I could have been there to celebrate!
    The ripple effect of adoption in these photos gives me chills!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  8. Beyond grateful Kristi!! I can't believe it's only been 2 years!----hard to remember what life was like before getting hit with the adoption bomb!! love you sister!!!

  9.! I wish I could meet y'all! I dont know anyone in our area!

  10. Loving our new PoppyDip & thankful for "Smiles from Around the World"!!!! I still think our girls remind me so much of each other! :)
    Cherise :)

  11. love you and your sweet heart to always open your home !!! check out new song on my blog ... written for 147 !!!

  12. Kristi - I'd love to touch bases with you "off line." I've followed your story recently and would love to bounce a few questions off of you. Ashlee (I can be found at

    ps... adoptive mom of two Chinese born babes and one bio-babe

  13. Ashlee, I've tried to get to "dark to dawn" and it is saying the "link" is broken...don't know what that means exactly..but can't get in touch with you off-line that way..I have my email listed on my side bar if you'd like to email me, kristi


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