Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy 15 Months LL AND Happy 8 Months HOME!!

Wow...I don't know where the time has gone!! TODAY, Lucy Lane is 15 months old, and she has officially been in my arms for 8 MONTHS TODAY!! I can't believe that our Gotcha Day was 8 months ago!! That means, since she was 7 months old at pick up...she has officially been WITH US longer than she's been WITH OUT US!!! :) What a GREAT feeling!! I don't know much about her first 7 months of life....but I can tell ya that she's been hooked to my hip for her last 8 months of life!! :)

***Just in case you were wondering, here's some of her latest milestones:
She's still hilarious and makes us laugh all the time, she likes to dance and does it quite well, she has quite the temper and likes to throw herself back when told NO, she's full of life and personality, she still has the greatest facial expressions, she has the loudest shrill of a scream when excited (seriously it could break glass :), she is on the move..she completely walks all the time and has learned to climb up in chairs and such too now, she still has a very happy and joyful personality, she doesn't like strangers and doesn't want anyone holding her besides Mommy or Daddy, I've still never left her with anyone besides Daddy (and that's minimal..I still pack her pretty much ANYWHERE I go), she talks ALL THE TIME..she's learning new words every day, she LOVES to dip her food...she says "dip it" and holds out her fries and chicken for you to dip every bite in ketchup for her, she is VERY affectionate, sweet and loving with me, daddy and her siblings, she LOVES her siblings and loves to make them laugh, she is fully on a sippy cup now (no more bottle) but she only likes chocolate white milk will be had by Miss. Lucy Lane, she still will eat anything you put in front of her...seriously won't turn down a food, AND, most importantly....she's still the LIGHT of our home!! She's seriously such a little gift from God...and we give thanks for her each and every day!! :) We can't remember what we did before our Lucy Lane!! :)

***Yesterday for Valentine's Day we headed to Kentucky to see the family....We found LL in Jules and Poppy's kitchen doing this:
Someone was raiding the Valentine Candy basket.....
Well, at least she tried to clean it up.......... :) Sweet girly!!

Then, when you say, "Lucy Lane, show us your KISSY face!" This is what you get!!! :)

And, here's a couple of pics from TODAY...her 15 month bday!! Daddy was home for President's Day (what a treat) and I caught my Georgy and LL lovin each other on the couch with Daddy!!
I think these two were twins separated at birth!! They are truly best friends!! Such sweet little loves!!!!
**Happy 8 months home LL!! Happy Valentine's Day to you all (a day late), Happy President's Day, AND Happy 15 months LL!!! Oh, and Happy Monday to you all, kj :)


  1. Such sweet pictures. :-D How wonderful that she and George get along so well. She is really growing up so fast! She's starting to look like a little girl now and not a baby. Adorable. :-D

  2. loved getting an update on your lucy lane! she looks like such a big girl now that she is walking all the time. love the fishy face. "no white milk to be had by miss lucy lane"

  3. Very sweet pictures! Great milestones! I can't believe how big she is getting. I started following your blog last January when we applied to AGCI. I've seen how she has been such a gift from God and the "light" of your house. She is precious...all of your kiddos are. We are pretty smitten about our little guy too! What little miracles!
    Audrey Hensley

  4. she sounds like such a precious gift! happy 15 months lucy! love the pics and her adorable faces!

  5. LOVE the kissy face!!!!
    Abigail....always loved to dip! Since the first visit we had with her and took her to Burger King. Daddy taught her to dip. She has loved it every since. In fact- double dipping as in having more fries dipped all at the same time. That way you get more dip :)

  6. So nice to hear about lucy's milestones! As always, I love to read about your journey - such an inspiration!

  7. Happy 15 months baby girl and wow...8 months home!!!! Love all your posts and are growing up too fast!! (hugs)

  8. LOVE the kissy face! That is stinkin' hilarious!
    My lil Monkey is 16 months...I never realized how close in age they are! How fun!

  9. I can't believe how much her hair is growing! And that kissy face is to DIE FOR!!!!!! She's precious!!! Thanks for the update! I've been having LL withdrawal! LOL ♥

  10. I love, love your LL updates! And I love how easy going and relaxed you are! I admire you so much!! :)

  11. Sooooo cute. Love to see the pictures!! :)

  12. OH MY GOODNESS! Lucy has grown up so much since I last stopped by your blog! She is SO cute! And are getting so big. Macy already seems bigger to me too and we have only been home for well, less than 3 months. I think that it's amazing that you have been with her longer than she has been without you! I look forward to saying that in the future...but we have about a year and a half to go before that. :) But I wouldn't trade our toddler adoption of our sweet Macy for anything. Aren't they amazing?! Anyway, it was great to stop by and see how you are. I am off of the AGCI list serv as of today, so I will certainly have to check blogs more often.


  13. Lucy Lane is precious, love all the pics, she is getting so big, doesn't the time fly by...

  14. Adorable. Especially the kissy face = ]

  15. Happy 15 month birthday sweet lucy lane :) :)
    I've been reading just not commenting much, been trying to pack and unpack boxes for the last month ;) sloowwly getting it done. I havent even blogged lately :( bad mama. Glad you are all well and looking so cute :0

  16. oh, sweet lucy lane!!!

    i just posted Clay's kissy face today, too!

    and i agree, it is like our twins were separated at birth, too. it is obvious that He had them destined to be twins from the beginning.


Thank you for your kind words!!