Friday, August 5, 2011

3 weeks Post Op....and 3 Months HOME!!

Well...I wish I could say that the 3 weeks has FLOWN by since Wes's surgery...but the days are actually VERY LONG right now...but oh...with this sweet face to look at...NO ONE IS COMPLAINING :)........Wes's age is the only thing making this very hard right now...He's a TODDLER on the run..and I'm in constant fear he's gonna hurt himself...or really HIS HEAD or FACE....We still haven't really ventured out into public much yet...but we'll be getting out soon...I just don't want him getting sick ON TOP OF recovering from surgery...but recovery was 4 weeks..and that will be THIS COMING UP THURSDAY!! I can't believe we're almost there......
I took these pics of my sweetie boy this past Thursday on his 3 week post op day....NOW, let me tell ya....Wes has not only gotten calls and visits and cards and prayers from my CCI agency that brought him HOME...but on Thursday he received a care package from LUCY LANE'S agency, AGCI too!! Isn't that so sweet and thoughtful!! They sent him this Lion he is holding and a card where all the staff signed a note to sweet!!
Wes is certainly LOVED..and he is really doing GREAT!! His eye and head still have some swelling to lose...but we get seen again on the 15th of this month and we'll see what the dr says about his progress....PRAYING for a good report!!!! The meals are coming to an end now was so helpful to have friends bring meals by in the evening!! I'm so thankful for all the love and support during this healing time for Wes!! Not having to think about dinner was certainly a blessing!!!!
And, I took this TODAY of little Miss Sassy Pants!! Oh, my , she is growing up way too fast!! She is just so smart and talks CONSTANTLY!! She potty trained like a CHAMP...and she LOVES her some big girl undies...oh, and she's loving some cow boy boots today too!!! Crazy girl....
And, my 7 year old captured these shots tonight and was so proud of herself for capturing Wes on the run from us....
He dances constantly....and he LOVES to spin until he's dizzy...Yes, I about pass out when he starts doing this...He can't fall and HIT THAT HEAD....Yall should TRY keeping an active ONE YEAR OLD TODDLER BOY STILL....exhausting....BUT that cute smile makes it ALL worth it:

That's the update folks.....Kids are doing great...just no time for the computer much these days with 6 young babes to keep happy .....More soon......and OH!!!...happy 3 months Home Wes Paulos!!! I'd go through a million MORE surgeries IF it meant I got to be YOUR MOMMA!!! :) Happy Friday to you all, kj


  1. I'm happy to hear how well your son is recovering from his surgery. Hopefully he'll be back to running around, without you in tow, very soon!

  2. How wonderful that you are almost to the 4 week mark! Praying for a great report. Keeping your sister and her little guy in my prayers too...please keep us updated. That little boy needs to come home! And...I was actually looking for the post you did when you were potty training your little guy but remembered that was your OLD blog post. I need to tackle that with Abby and would to know your "method" again! :) Jenny

  3. MELT my heart, that last pic is just too cute!!! prayers that we avoid any injuries and that his FULL recovery is right around the corner!!

  4. such a beautiful boy! he looks wonderful!


Thank you for your kind words!!