Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy MLK Day, the In-Laws Celebrate 45 years, AND a Homecoming video!!

Happy MLK Day to you all!! We enjoyed our little talk over dinner with the kids about WHO MLK was and WHY we have this holiday!! So precious to hear their take on it all!! I can only simply say: Thank you Dr. King...Thank you for all you were AND all you still ARE today!!

"Let us all hope that the dark clouds of racial prejudice will soon pass away and the deep fog of misunderstanding will be lifted from our fear-drenched communities, and in some not too distant tomorrow the radiant stars of love and brotherhood will shine over our great nation with all their scintillating beauty."-Dr.King's Letter from Birmingham Jail

***We also enjoyed having Daddy home from work today on this holiday...ALWAYS a treat to have an extra pair of hands at home to help with the 5 kiddos :) ***We did celebrate the holiday by taking the kids bowling....THE HIGHLIGHT OF MY DAY AT THE LOCAL BOWLING ALLEY came when a complete stranger walked up (with his four young sons) and let my hubby and I know that he and his wife READ our blog and that they had always had a heart for adoption, but reading and seeing our experience PUSHED them into starting the process!! PRAISE GOD!! They went with AGCI (our agency), and I certainly couldn't be more excited than to hear the good news that ANOTHER child will HAVE A FAMILY soon!! WOW...ok, so those GOD MOMENTS are the reason WHY I'll keep at this (even when I feel like hiding sometimes :) If God can use our story to help others WANT TO ADOPT...then the least I can do is allow our story to be heard!!! SO NEAT!!

****Also, Happy 45th Wedding Anniversary to my In-Laws, Jules and Poppy!!

We all took them out to lunch yesterday to celebrate...It was a good time (well, you much fun as taking 5 kids out to eat can be :)!! They are wonderful people that did a great job raising my hubby and his sister!! Let me tell ya a little about them: They are BOTH ONLY children!! So, no aunts or uncles or first cousins for my hubby!! They still live in the home my hubby was raised in...and my hubby worships the ground they walk on!! They are just good, kind people!! I've known them both my entire life...I remember them from being friends with my grandparents, and from attending their church with my grandparents when I was little....I remember sitting with my grandma at her church and this cute boy who was 3 years older than I was would sit behind us with all his friends...Little did I know that it was my future hubby!!! My hubby's only sister had ONE child and stopped can imagine that we ROCKED their little quiet life with our 5 children in 6 years!! :) LOL....BUT, they've been nothing but supportive and excited for ALL 5 of our children!! We're very blessed to have them in our lives!! So....Happy Anniversary Jules and Poppy!!!

****I'll end tonight with a HOMECOMING video that is SURE to touch your heart...This is another sweet family that has just arrived home with their 4th adopted child!! This is one of the FIRST families I EVER emailed to get a reference for AGCI...I remember she emailed me RIGHT BACK and was so eager to tell me HOW WONDERFUL their experience had been with AGCI !! SO WONDERFUL...they did it AGAIN!! Hope you enjoy!!! Happy Monday to you all, kj

JANUARY 18, 2010*
We who live are always given over to death because of Jesus, so that Jesus’ life may also be revealed in our mortal flesh. (2 Corinthians 4:11)

The longer I’ve walked with God in prayer and His Word, the less I want Him to let me off easy. A believer’s willingness to “do the hard thing” is what sets him or her apart for the extraordinary in Christ.

-Beth Moore, A Quick Word with Beth Moore - Scriptures & Quotations from Praying God’s Word


  1. Amazing video!
    Keep using your voice, Kristi! Don't be afraid. God is before you.

  2. Another precious post. So great to hear from you!
    I just love the story about the family that approached you at the bowling alley. God is so gracious to send such encouragement when Satan is trying to steal His glory!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  3. So glad you are back to blogging:) God Bless!

  4. sweet gorgeous video... oh my... those get me every time!!!! thanks for sharing! what an awesome family.
    (ps- so sad that you've had to deal with blog issues- not sure if i should be scared... yikes...)

  5. Happy Anniv. to your in laws. Love that the ripple effect just keeps going. It is a beautiful thing.

  6. So thankful for MLK! Love the quote you posted from him! How awesome that your inlaws are celebrating 45 years! LOVE IT! My parents have been married almost 33 years and my inlaws almost 30! My husband and I are both thankful to come from families that are still married to this day and not just married but happily and strong and loving the Lord! Praising God for strong families and marriages!

    Thanks for showing us the homecoming video of that family! Precious! Can't wait until the day we bring our precious baby home!

  7. Those videos just never get old!!!! :) Thanks for sharing yet another miracle with us!


Thank you for your kind words!!