Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Almost there...Who's It Gonna Be????

299, 887 is the HIT NUMBER I'm at while typing this...So...Who Is going to win the 147millionorphan t-shirt??? I'll do a post after I get the kids to bed...I'll let ya know if we have a winner yet!! Almost there......:) Let me know if you are the ONE to hit 300,000 via comment or email : kj


  1. Oh....I was 300,001. =(
    So close.


  2. Aww. I just missed it by 13. Maybe I'll make the big 500,000!!!!Thanks again for your blog - it's a blessing (obviously to ALOT of folks) Here's to more sweet little ones finding their families.

  3. congrats its over 300,000 now as I type!


Thank you for your kind words!!